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Join in the fun every morning with James Howard, Kim Carson and the Legendary Luther! Allow the Wake up Crew to start your day with the hottest entertainment stories, the topic train, Wet Nose Wednesday and plenty of fun for the rest of the week. Plus, Chattanooga broadcasting legend Luther Masingill will feature local community events and continue his 70 year mission to reconnect lost dogs with their owners. Sunny also features the biggest headlines, traffic and weather from News Channel 9. Brighten up your morning with Sunny 92.3!
by Kim Carson posted Dec 22 2014 4:29AM
by Kim Carson posted Dec 19 2014 6:01AM
by Kim Carson posted Dec 18 2014 4:40AM
by Kim Carson posted Dec 17 2014 4:56AM

Frisky 23467741
The Humane Educational Society has the perfect little dog to be the newest addition to your family for the holidays - Frisky! This 4.5 year old Dachshund mix is only 25 pounds, so she's perfect no matter where you live. Her name is Frisky but she isn't a wild child. She is fun-loving but she also enjoys a good snuggle. She's good with other dogs and loves people, though she can be a little shy at first. If you are looking to give a homeless dog a forever home this holiday season, come meet Frisky and fall in love!

by Kim Carson posted Dec 17 2014 4:55AM

For all of you cat lovers out there, the Humane Educational Society has a great pet for you, too! Kim is a cream and gray spayed female Siamese mix and is around 2.5 years old. When Kim came to the shelter, she had a litter of kittens. She took great care of them until they were adopted and is now looking for her own forever home. Kim is very sweet and likes to be petted, but she tends to be a little on the "independent" side. If you would like to give this sweet girl a new home, come visit her today!

by Kim Carson posted Dec 16 2014 4:24AM
by Kim Carson posted Dec 3 2014 3:55AM

Oprah 23078735

This week's cat is Oprah, an outgoing and sociable 2.5-year-old DMH female gray tabby. Oprah loves to be the center of attention and will be glad to meow your ear off if you want to listen. She would enjoy a lively home where she can be part of the action, especially with the holiday season coming. You will never feel lonely with this cuddly cat around, so why not adopt her today! She's at the Humane Educational Society just waiting for you to take her home

by Kim Carson posted Dec 3 2014 3:54AM

Penelope 24158169

If you would like to add a sweet, loving, and gentle canine companion to your family just in time for the holidays, then you should check out Penelope! Penelope is a 2-year-old female Lab mix. Sometimes Penelope can bea bit shy, so she might like a more relaxed, calm place to call home. She is good with other dogs and walks great on leash. Penelope will be waiting at the Humane Educational Society and hoping you will take her home for the holidays!

by Kim Carson posted Nov 26 2014 6:20AM

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by Kim Carson posted Nov 26 2014 6:15AM

Say hello to our Wet Nose Wednesday cat, Kona! This beautiful girl is a 3-year-old black & white DSH with lots of love to give. She came to the shelter with an injured leg, but now she's all better and ready to go to her forever home just intime for turkey and dressing . . . her favorite! She would be super thankful to spend Thanksgiving with you! Come meet Kona at the Humane Educational Society and adopt her today!

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Little Bub 23829852
11 months old, white DSH neutered male
Little Bub is a unique-looking guy with one gold eye and one blue eye. He’s not only a handsome boy, but he’s outgoing and super friendly as well. He loves to meet new people and make new friends. 

Scratchy 24114562
4.5 months old, male Chihuahua mix
This little guy is just full of love. Look at that sweet
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