5 Ways Vacations Without the Baby Will Make You a Better Parent

Being a parent is hard. Despite it being the most
rewarding job on earth, it can also be exhausting and downright
frustrating at times. We need a break once in a while — a time-out for
ourselves, if you will. And although the thought of taking a trip without the little one is slightly terrifying, it really can do wonders for Mom and Dad — and it’s good for the whole family! Here are 5 ways a vacation without the baby will make you a better parent. Bon voyage! 1. Sleep.
Doing anything without sleep is a thousand times harder. We’re groggy;
less patient; and let’s be honest, a little short-fused. One night —
one glorious night — of solid sleep can do beautiful things for the
soul. Not only will you feel refreshed, you’ll be ready to handle any
tantrum with ease.
2. You get to reconnect with your partner. It seems
like the first year of baby’s life, parents, moms in particular, tend to
focus on baby and baby only. While baby does need you more than your
partner in the beginning, it’s important that you don’t let your
relationship (you know, the thing that created the baby in the first
place) fall to the wayside. Not only will you be happier if your
relationship with your significant other is in a good place, you’ll be a
shining example of what love is to your child.
3. It’s good for your child. We’re all about the
kids these days. Some even say we’re in the age of “hyper-parenting”.
But being on top of our kids 24:7 can actually do them a disservice. If
you have someone you trust, leaving your child with them for a night or
two can actually be good for the kid. It’s important they feel
comfortable around people other than you. There may be some tears during
the departure, but after a few minutes, they’ll likely be having a
4. It’s important to remember that you have a life.
Unless you don’t work, have seven nannies, and are constantly getting
massages and manicures, a vacation without the baby is not selfish. As a
parent, it’s important to remember that you have interests beyond your
child. Not only is it good for your general well-being, your kids will grow up one day.
5. You can dress up and go to a fancy restaurant. If
you have a small child/children, odds are you aren’t getting gussied up
each day, and your restaurant trips are limited to certain times and
places. It can feel so good to be able to take your time
getting ready, and to dine at a place where they don’t give you paper
place mats and crayons. You can enjoy a nice, long dinner, and even
order a leisurely cup of coffee afterward if you like! You’ll feel like a
celebrity and will be 100 percent ready to get back to parenting duties
the next day. (Note: Don’t overdo it with the wine, though. Parenting
with a hangover will basically negate the entire point of the trip!)
Have you ever taken a mini-vacation without the kids?by Nicole Fabian-Weber…from cafemom.comPosted via Zocle