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5 Phrases you should avoid at Work!

by Admin posted Feb 18 2013 12:00AM

Here's something to help you start the work week.  "Forbes" magazine put together a list of five phrases you should avoid at the office, because they either make you seem unprofessional, or like you don't care.



--And if you say them A LOT, they can prevent you from being promoted.



#1.)  "No Problem."  It implies that what you did wasn't really a big deal, and that the person you're talking to didn't even NEED to thank you.



--So when someone says thanks, just say "you're welcome" instead.  It implies that you DID go out of your way, but you're still glad you could help. 



#2.)  "It's Not Fair."  For example, if someone gets a promotion and you think YOU deserve one, it's better to skip the complaining part, and just explain to your boss why the next raise or promotion should go to YOU.



--That way you're being proactive about it, not just whining.



#3.)  "That's Not My Job."  If it's something like picking up your boss's dry cleaning, then maybe you DO have a case.  But if it's less extreme than that, you should at least ACT like you're trying to be a team player.



--That doesn't necessarily mean you have to say yes.  But instead of saying no, try something like, "Sure, I can do that. But right now I have A, B, and C on my plate.  I'd have to put one of those on hold."



#4.)  "I Think."  Some people claim you should just drop it from your vocabulary . . . or anything like it . . . because it makes you seem unsure of yourself.  But the "Forbes" article doesn't quite go that far.



--Apparently the phrases "I believe" and "I am confident" are both fine to use in its place.  But they do agree that the phrase "I think" is no good.



--And you also shouldn't start a sentence with things like, "I could be wrong" or "maybe this is dumb."



#5.)  "You Guys."  This one depends on how laid back your co-workers are.  But some people think it's sexist, or too casual to use in an office setting . . . or BOTH.



--It's better to use the word "everyone."  As in, "What does everyone think we should do?"  Either that, or just drop the word "guys" so it's, "What do you think we should do?" Not, "What do you GUYS think we should do?"

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04/14/2013 4:20PM
5 Phrases you should avoid at Work!
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