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5 Weird things that make you have strange Dreams

by Admin posted Jan 16 2013 12:00AM

We're all used to having things from everyday life show up in our dreams in twisted ways.  But you might be surprised to find out some of the things that can cause your dreams to get so messed up.  Here's a list of the five weirdest.


#1.)  The Earth's magnetic field.   It's not as crazy as it sounds.  Your brain can sense changes in magnetic activity, and use them to regulate your sleep patterns.


--Scientists think it might have to do with melatonin.  Basically, lower levels of magnetic activity mean you'll have more melatonin, and that means more bizarre dreams.


#2.)  Playing video games.  If you're a gamer, you may be better at controlling your dreams.  And . . . yep . . . researchers think it's because gamers are used to being in control of fantasy situations.


--Gamers also report nightmares that are more violent, but LESS scary . . . because they know how to fight back.


#3.)  Your political affiliation.  Republicans have more nightmares than Democrats. 


#4.)  Bad smells.  You know how things you hear when you're asleep can get incorporated into a dream?  It's like that with smells, only much more sinister. 



--Bad smells in the room can cause you to have bad dreams . . . but the smells won't be IN the dreams.  Smells can cause you to feel different emotions subconsciously.  And that could make your dreams take a turn for the worse.



#5.)  Creativity.  Creative people remember more of their dreams, because they're more used to fantasizing, and may be more in tune with their subconscious.

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04/14/2013 3:55PM
5 Weird things that make you have strange Dreams
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