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A few things you WILL NOT find on the web anymore!

by Admin posted Feb 20 2013 12:00AM

If you still have a Hotmail account . . . you won't for much longer.  Microsoft has decided to dump the emails and switch to by this summer.



--Apparently it's because people don't find Hotmail "cool" anymore, and's email service has picked up 60 million users in just six months.



--And NO . . .  this DOESN'T mean you'll lose your old Hotmail account OR your address.  You'll still be able to use the exact same address if you want to.



--It just means that when you go to, you'll automatically be rerouted to  And it's probably safe to assume that they'll stop giving out NEW Hotmail addresses soon.



--So, say goodbye to Hotmail.  But to cheer you up, here are five OTHER ancient websites that you CAN still use.



#1.)  The Search Engines "Altavista" and "Excite".  Sadly, Jeeves from was killed off back in 2005 when the site shortened its name to



#2.)  The Official Website for the Movie "Space Jam".  Which came out in 1996.  And also the official website for "You've Got Mail", which hit theaters in 1998.



#3.)  The Website for the "Heaven's Gate" Cult.  They committed mass suicide in 1997 . . . to catch a ride with an alien spaceship they claimed was hiding behind the Hale-Bopp comet.  It's been 16 years, and their website is STILL up. 



#4.)  The Free Web Hosting Sites "Angelfire" and "Tripod".  But GeoCities went offline in 2009.  Today, most people just either use Facebook, or sites that have do-it-yourself guides, like GoDaddy or WordPress.    



#5.)  Friendster.  It used to compete with MySpace and Facebook, but it's turned into a social gaming site.  Actually, now if you go to it, they ask you to register by USING your Facebook account.

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04/14/2013 4:30PM
A few things you WILL NOT find on the web anymore!
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