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Blueberries, Blooms and Bee's!!

by Tim Holcomb posted Mar 27 2014 10:00AM
Pack up the Long Johns...
Winter has just left the building!  
  Pay no attention to the last few cool snaps, Spring in sneaking in! Come join the fun and and celebrate spring with us. See what's new and get spring fever! Everyday is bringing fresh plants and products into our showrooms and greenhouses.
 Come check it out!

You've got questions and Holcombs has the answers! 
                  Happy Gardening...
                 Tim Holcomb
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Blueberries, an easy to grow Super Food! 
Enjoy homegrown sweetness! No briars, no bugs, and no diseases... just lots of sweet blueberries. Pick them and eat them fresh or put them in the freeze for later enjoyment. Blueberry muffins or on ice cream, there's no wrong way to enjoy blueberies!
Our full 3 gallon size Blueberry Bushes
are only $24.99
We have our full 1 gallon size for only $9.99 each!
Time for
Step 2!
Weed Out new bag 
Weed-Out plus lawn food  is the best food for early spring green up and the best product to kill actively growing weeds in your lawn. Apply Step 2  
  anytime during April.
Step 2 is the one that's best to apply to damp grass and when it won't rain for a couple of days!

More 5 Step info... 

Lawn Fall
Repeat Blooming Azaleas for Sun or Shade!
Bloom a thon azaleas
Why plant an azalea that only blooms once a year when you can get Holcomb's Repeat Blooming Azaleas that bloom spring, summer, and fall!
Holcombs has a great selection of Sun Loving Encore Azaleas and the Shade Loving Bloom-a-thon Azaleas!
We have several colors and sizes in stock and now is a great time to plant them! 
Encore Azaleas 2 
Shrub of the Week!
Kaleidoscope Abelia!
Kaleidoscope Abelia
This colorful shrub grows about 2.5' x 2.5' and it provides a rainbow of foliage colors as well as lovely white blooms.
Plant in part sun to sun for best results.
These beauties are sure to brighten your landscape with their kaeidoscope of color...

Time to Plant Fruit Trees!
Add to or start your own orchard. Holcombs has just received a shipment of apple trees, peach trees, plum trees, cherry trees, and pecan trees. Blue berry bushes are starting to come in to round out your fruit selection.
Plant these beauties now and weather permitting, you may have fruit this year. Every year you put off planting fruit trees is another year of fresh, home grown produce missed. Plant your today!
Fruit & Berry info
Holcomb's 2014
Bee Supplies
have arrived! 
As you start getting ready for this year's bee season, think Holcombs for all your Honey bee supplies. Hive bodies, wax foundation, frames, smokers, and many other bee necessities.
Our allotted bee nuks have been sold, however, we have started a waiting list if more come available.
Come get ready for sweet success!
Honey for cooking

Our goal with these emails is to provide you with great lawn and garden information, helpful gardening tips, and timely how to's. If you have any suggestions for topics and/or garden gossip, just let me know.
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03/27/2014 10:00AM
Blueberries, Blooms and Bee's!!
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