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Mighty-Matos and Double Geraniums

by Tim Holcomb posted Apr 24 2014 3:53PM
 Tim Holcomb
   Earth Day was April 22 and that means a lot of things to a lot of people. The goal is a well kept earth. My take is this, we are temporary stewards on this wonderfully created earth we call home. Go out and enjoy the splendor and beauty our earth offers, clean up areas that have been neglected, and leave this earthly home better than you found it.
 It's spring! Now go plant something!

                               Happy Gardening...
                                     Tim Holcomb
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What's that growing in the garden? It's Mighty Mato'!
Mighty Mato image
If you take some of your favorite tomatoes and graft them to an aggressive root stock, you'll get Mighty Mato's. Same great flavor with two to four times the production, more disease resistance, and more drought tolerance. Proven successful in Japan and Germany, they are now available at Holcomb Garden Centers!

Try them today! 

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Gorgeous Color!
Double Geraniums!  
Double Geraniums 
All geraniums are not created equal! If you are looking for a large selection of double bloom zonal geraniums in a wide choice of colors, Holcombs is the place to shop! These custom grown beauties are sun loving blooming machines. Fill a planter or fill a bed and enjoy these big blooms all summer.
Only $7.99 each
Japanese Maples,
the pinnacle 
of your landscape! 

Jap MapleA landscape just doesn't seem complete without a Japanese Maple tree! At Holcombs, we have a great selection of Japanese Maples to choose from. Red leaf, green leaf, upright, or weeping, there is one to fit any spot in your landscape.


Click here to see some of the varieties to choose from


  Selection varies daily 

Bloom a thon azaleas
This week's plant of the week is Bloom-A-Thon Azaleas
These shade loving, repeat blooming azaleas come in several colors to complete your landscape. Come see them today at Holcombs! 

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04/24/2014 3:53PM
Mighty-Matos and Double Geraniums
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