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Santa with Bag
Twinkling lights, gatherings with friends and family, and Church musicals seem to be every day events this time of year. We always say, "Take time to smell the roses" and this time of year we know it's easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the Christmas Season. That being said, be sure to keep Christ in Christmas this year! Share the love of Christ with an often forgotten friend or relative. Surprise a total stranger with a show of kindness. Beautify your lawn and garden and allow the whole neighborhood to enjoy the beauty.
Wishing you a Merry Christmas,
 Tim Holcomb

New Winter Hours: M-Sat. 9-5, Sun. Closed
We will be Closed Christmas Day!
What Christmas is all about...
    All of us at Holcomb Garden Center hope that the true meaning of Christmas is on your mind and in your heart. 
We pray God's blessings on you and your family during this Christmas season.

 Click here to see Linus explain What Christmas is all about...  

Birds eating suet

Holcomb Garden Center has a great selection of bird feeders, bird houses, humming bird feeders and gourmet bird foods to bring enjoyment to both birds and birders!  

Stock up on

50# Bags

of Black Oil

Sunflower Seed

for only $24.99 a bag!


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Last Chance for Poinsettias...
Assorted Poinsettias
While a red poinsettia may be the first thing you think of for Holiday color, think again! Holcombs has a great selection of many colors of poinsettias, plus lots of other color choices. Think about Holiday Cactus, Amaryllis, and Rosemary Trees. Any and all of these will fill your home with lovely color for the Holidays. 
  Click here for a sample of our Wonderful Choices! 

Spring Bulbs

 Plant Now!

red tulips
Now is the time to be planting your spring flowering bulbs and Holcombs has a great selection of large landscape size bulbs in stock! Plant tulips, daffodils, crocus, and hyacinths. Remember to plant them in clusters or groups for the best results at blooming time. Apply our Bulb Food to the soil when planting for best results. 
 Click here for more info 
Tulip Bulbs

Listen to the wind play a melody for you...

You've seen sparkly wind chimes that clink and clank in the breeze. Well, you owe it to yourself to come see and hear the beautiful Corinthian Bells wind chimes. Their design is simple and elegant, however, their sound and tone is unbelievable. The slightest breeze generates a symphony of sounds that soothe the soul.
It's a
Fairy Frenzy
at Holcombs!
  Fairy Gardening
Welcome to the wonderful world of miniature gardening, featuring the Fairies!
Both locations of Holcombs has a host of assorted fairies, furniture, and houses.
Create your own world of fabulous fairy gardens... 

Take advantage of the fall-like weather!

by Tim Holcomb posted Aug 21 2014 4:00PM
  Tim Holcomb
Mid-Seventies in the middle of August? Scattered rain showers? This August has given us a taste of fall. Take advantage of fall like weather and start your fall early! Fall planting? Go ahead! Sow grass seed? Start early September. Take these rare opportunities to come on by Holcomb Garden Centers and soak in the color and freshness that flowering plants provide. Be sure to call and sign up for one of our Fall Lawn Classes. If you look closely you can almost see fall from here!
You've got questions and Holcombs has the answers!
                  Happy Gardening...
                 Tim Holcomb
                                           Click Here for the 15 Day Forecast...
Fall Lawn Classes!
Lawn Sprinkler
 How to have the greenest, weed-free lawn possible! Best grass for our area? When to feed? Controlling weeds? Sun/shade?
Holcombs has the answers and we want to help you be successful! Come join us.  
 More info... 
Lawn Class
Azaleas that Bloom in the Fall at Holcombs!
Sunburst Encore Azalea
Encore "Sunburst"
New genetics from plant breeders have given us beautiful azaleas that bloom spring, summer, and fall! For shady areas plant our Bloom-a-thon series of repeat blooming azaleas. For full sun areas, plant the Encore series of azaleas. We have just received our first fall shipments!
Great Selection at Holcombs Fort Oglethorpe & Hixson!
Fresh, Fall
Grass Seed has Arrived!
Sounthern Premier Blend
Holcomb Garden Center continues to offer you the best seed blend for our area! Our
Southern Premier Blend contains three of the top performing turf-type fescues and 5% Mid-Night Bluegrass for a sod like lawn.
A premium seed and a great value. Our blend has over 3 million more seed in a 50# bag than an all other fescue blends!
More info...
Holcombs offeres you a taste of fall with Pansies & Mums!
Mums Fall
School has started, so it's time to parade out the mums and pansies! Holcombs has some of the nations best growers providing you with large, robust mums and perky, pretty pansies!
New This Year!
Deluxe fall annuals for a little different twist on fall decorating. Fall Zinnias, Fall Marigolds and Fall Cosmos! Try something new this year!
Time to Plant Fall Vegetable Seed!

Just Right Turnip web

Now is the time to start planting collards, turnips, mustard, kale, rape, lettuce, and Holcomb's exclusive Mixed greens seed.

For the largest turnips possible, try Holcomb's "Just Right" Turnip seed. Even when they get big, they stay crisp and tender. One turnip can grow to several pounds in size. That's a US Quarter in front of this Just Right Turnip!    


Link to Planting Guide
Need grass for under trees?
Shady Lawn
Holcomb's Exclusive
Deep Shade Mix Grass Seed! 
No other blend of grasses perform as well under trees as our Deep Shade Mix! This blend of drought tolerant turf-fescue, hard fescue and chewing fescues create the best shade turf seed available and only at Holcombs!

 More info... 
Our goal with these emails is to provide you with great lawn and garden information, helpful gardening tips, and timely how to's. If you have any suggestions for topics and/or garden gossip, just let me know.          

Happy Gardening,
Tim Holcomb
Holcomb Garden Center
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Take advantage of the fall-like weather!
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