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Three Signs a Job Isn't Worth Applying For

by Admin posted Mar 19 2013 12:00AM

When you're job-searching, it's okay to cast a wide net.  You just don't want to waste time applying for jobs you'll never get, or wouldn't realistically WANT.  Here are the top three signs the job you're applying for isn't worth the effort.



#1.)  You're Way Underqualified.  If you're close, then go for it.  But if you're missing any key skills, or you only have three years experience and they want EIGHT, you probably shouldn't bother.



#2.)  You Have to Convince Yourself You Want the Job.  A lot of people have done this:  You see a job that clearly says you'll have to work weekends . . . or you'll have to relocate . . . or whatever.



--And even though you WOULDN'T actually be willing to do those things, you apply for it anyway, because you like SOME aspects of the job description, and you're desperate.



--But in the end, if you're not willing to meet ALL of the requirements . . . especially big ones like relocating . . . it's not the right job.  And if you end up getting an interview or an offer, it'll just be a waste of everyone's time.



#3.)  You Think It Might Be a Scam.  The first clue that a job listing isn't legit is when it sounds too good to be true.  And the next clue is when it's missing a lot of key information . . . like a company name, or a link to a website.



--You especially have to be careful when you're looking at jobs on Craigslist.  If there's ever any doubt, just Google some of the text from the job posting.  And if it's a scam, chances are other people are onto it.

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04/14/2013 4:40PM
Three Signs a Job Isn't Worth Applying For
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