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Amelia & Danali!

Read about these sweet pets below and then meet them at the Humane Educational Society! Can’t adopt at this time? How about serving as a dog walker or foster parent? And donations are always appreciated, especially now as so many animals are being sheltered from Irma and Harvey. Amelia Amelia is one fun-loving pup! Whether…Continue Reading

Hoss & Julie!

The Humane Educational Society needs your help! They are taking 100 dogs and cats from Houston and need people willing to foster in addition to supplies like food, beds and bowls. If you can help in one of those ways, it would be so appreciated! Donations are always appreciated, too! Hoss Hoss is a 3-year-old…Continue Reading

Doug, Enzo and Hurricane Harvey

Read about these special pets below and then go meet them at the Humane Educational Society! And please make a donation to The Humane Society of the United States, which is helping rescue animals displaced by Hurricane Harvey. Doug Doug is a big boy with a big smile and lots of love to give. He’s…Continue Reading

Bullet & Grimlin!

Bullet Our Wet Nose Wednesday kitty is a 2-year-old medium-hair grey tabby named Bullet. Although the name Bullet might make you think he is a tough guy or a cat that likes to zip around causing destruction, this fantastic feline is quite the opposite. While he does enjoy play time and making a little kitty…Continue Reading

Jazz and Gwen!

It’s Wet Nose Wednesday! Read about these precious pets below and then go meet them at the Humane Educational Society! Gwen This little cutie is Gwen, our Wet Nose Wednesday cat. Gwen is a 1-year-old tan tabby. She may be small, but she’s got big personality. She’s outgoing and doesn’t mind letting you know she…Continue Reading

Ellie & Rizzo!

Read about these precious pets below and then go meet them at the Humane Educational Society! Ellie This pretty girl with the huge doggy grin and adoring eyes is Ellie, our Wet Nose Wednesday pup. Ellie is just around 2 years old and has been waiting patiently at the shelter for her forever family for…Continue Reading

Majestic and Tootsie!

Adopt one of these beautiful animals today from the Humane Educational Society! Majestic This week’s Wet Nose Wednesday dog is an impressive, distinguished, and majestic girl. So much so, in fact, that we just had to name her Majestic! Everyone at the shelter is in love with this 1-year-old terrier mix. All you have to…Continue Reading

Hugh and Minsky

Looking for a loving pet? Look no further than the Humane Educational Society! HES is at capacity with animals — with Hugh and Minsky being just two of the wonderful animals looking for a loving home. Read about them below and then go meet them at HES. Don’t forget you can foster, too, or make…Continue Reading

Alice and Campbell!

Come meet these adorable pets at the Humane Educational Society! Alice This beautiful girl with the big green eyes is Alice, our Wet Nose Wednesday cat. Alice is right around 2 years old and is looking for love. She came to the shelter with a litter of kittens and was such a good little momma…Continue Reading

Dallas and Chance!

Go visit one of today’s Wet Nose cuties at the Humane Educational Society! Don’t know if you can parent a dog or cat full-time? Why not try fostering? And you can always help out the thousands of animals HES helps each year by sending them a donation to help feed, shelter and care for abandoned…Continue Reading