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Hurry in, our Bloomers are Showing! 

Hungry for herbs? Intoxicated from the fragrance of roses?
Do your eyes light up at the sight of a beautiful hanging basket?
Come stroll through our greenhouses and nursery and just feel the pressures of life slip away…
The planting can begin in earnest! Everyday brings trucks full of fresh plants and products into our showrooms and greenhouses.
Trees, shrubs, roses, perennials… Come check it out!

You’ve got questions and Holcombs has the answers! 

                  Happy Gardening…
                 Tim Holcomb
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Last Chance For Step 2!
Holcomb’s Perennials
Perennial Gnome
Plant the flowers that grandma planted that come back year after year, Perennials!  Choose from traditional favorites and some of the newest varieties.
Take advantage of ourSquare Pot
Perennial Sale
Buy 5 and Get 1 Free! 

Perennials on bench

Last Chance for
Step 2 !
Weed Out new bag
 Now is the time to apply Fertilome Weed-Out plus lawn food to control the many broadleaf weeds that are trying to take over some lawns. For best results, apply to a  damp lawn and when it will not rain for a couple of days.

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Vacation at home!
Create your own tropical get away!
These heat loving beauties are ready to add a tropical punch to your outdoor room!
Chose from the ever popular Mandevillas in red, pink, yellow, or white. Let them climb your fence or porch rails to add color all summer!
For pops of large blooms, our tropical Hibiscus demand your attention. Choose from reds, yellows and several combinations.  
Herbs, Herbs, Herbs!
Herb garden
Release your inner chef! Discover the advantage of cooking with your own home grown herbs. These easy to grow garden additions will reward your cooking skills with rave reviews at the table. See what you’ve been missing. Plant some herbs today!
Basil to thyme, over 30 varieties to choose from at Holcombs.

More Herb info

Herbs $3.99
Buy 4, Get 1 Free!

Color Made Easy!
Holcomb’s All In One Combo Pots!
Holcomb Garden Center has one of the largest selections of professionally designed combo pots. These blends of complimenting plants create a splash of color that keeps getting better as the summer goes on.
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Get your garden growing!
tomatoes and child
  Holcomb Garden Center is your vegetable plant headquarters. Select from many, many varieties of tomatoes and peppers, plus several other vegetables.
Get our premium 3.5″ potted vegetables for only $2.99 each.
Spring Promotion
Buy 5, Get 1

Vegetable Guide

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Happy Gardening,
Tim Holcomb

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