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  • romegeorgiaman

    The Best Morning Show in the Scenic City! James and Kim..on Sunny 92.3 we are your five o clock er’s in the morning…the five o clock commuters enjoying waking up with you! thank you for giving us more smiles in the morning! everyone needs to wake up Sunny! with Sunny- 92.3

  • David Gillette

    Just a Friendly reminder to all people passing through TN on 75 north. At exit 56 there’s a campground called TN country campground. I stayed there from may to august. My job brought me back to FL and I had been storing my camper there from aug 19th to yesterday 12/13/2017. When it arrived it had been looted. Which is upsetting but some lower than life person took my Deased dogs remains,his moulded paw print and his hair clippings which were stored above my bed. Please be very apprehensive when traveling or if you life around Niota, TN . The owner could careless and even resorted to shrugging it off and calling me something I won’t post here. Please spread the

  • David Gillette

    I loved your radio program while in TN and know you always look out for the community. Please relay my previous message for all to hear. No-one should have to go through the pain I have right now….

  • David Gillette

    Any questions please call me at 585-481-6619