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by Kim Carson posted Oct 16 2014 6:24AM

This Is Why We Love To Scare Ourselves Silly

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by Kim Carson posted Oct 15 2014 4:41AM
Gina 23395248

This week's cat is Gina, also known as Miss Purrs-a-lot. Just pet her or hold her and you will see how she got that nickname! Gina is very people-oriented and absolutely adores being cuddled, petted, and loved on. She's about a year old so she has lots of spunk. She's playful and curious, always wanting to check out new things. All you have to do is meet this fluffy, sweet girl and you will want to snuggle with her all day long! Come meet her at the Humane Educational Society today.
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by Kim Carson posted Oct 15 2014 4:40AM
Jack 23088888

Say hello to Jack, our Pet of the Week! Jack is a beautiful Dalmation/English Setter mix. He's only about a year old, so he's a young dog with a happy-go-lucky personality. Jack's all-time favorite thing is playing; whether it's with people or other dogs, he loves everyone! He even tries to play with cats, but they find him a little intimidating! If you are looking for a fun-loving companion who will keep a smile on your face, then come see Jack at the Humane Educational Society!
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by Kim Carson posted Oct 14 2014 4:20AM

WTVC NewsChannel 9 :: Closings & Delays

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by James Howard posted Oct 14 2014 4:16AM

WTVC NewsChannel 9 :: Closings & Delays

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by Tim Holcomb posted Oct 9 2014 10:00AM

Tim Holcomb
It's Fall, Fall, Fall!
Time to Plant, Plant, Plant!
It's Fall at Holcomb Garden Centers! The pansies are a blooming, the mum's are showing their colors, and it's fall planting time! Feed the lawn with Step 4 Fertilome New Lawn Starter and sow our Southern Premier grass seed. Plant trees, shrubs, roses, perennials,...

You've got questions and Holcombs has the answers!

Fall Hours link...
Happy Gardening...
Tim Holcomb
Pansies, Mums, and Cabbage.
Oh My!
Pansy Giant Mix
New genetics from plant breeders have given us beautiful pansies with giant blooms and small blooms. Colors from black to white, red to blue, and mixes to go with anything.
Another staple of fall in the presence of large mums in displays and doorways!
Be sure to include some of the lovely flowering cabbage and kale.

Click for more

Click for more
Hixson Color...
Last Chance for Step 4!
New Lawn Starter
Fertilome New Lawn Starter is the best food for fall feeding of your lawn!
This is the only step containing phosphate for strong root development. This makes it a perfect food for sod or seed as well.

More info...
When and how to prune your Knock-out Roses!

Large Knockout Rose

Many of the Knock-out roses are especially large this year from all the rain. If they are in the way, you can cut them back now, however, some of the best blooms are in the fall. So if you can wait to prune, you will enjoy a real show. Feed them now for the last time this year with Fertilome Rose Food with insect control.

Link to more detailed pruning tips
Trouble with
Deer eating your landscape?
As the weather gets cooler and their natural food becomes more scarce, deer venture into many home landscapes and enjoy the buffet of lovely plants. If you have experienced this, here are a couple of tips. Scatter an application of Milorganite around your shrubs, roses, and perennials. This organic product typically does a great job or repelling the deer and feeding your plants.
Also, consider planting deer resistant plants for your future plantings.

Click for more info
It's the Perfect Time to Plant Grass Seed!
Sounthern Premier Blend
No other grass seed or seed-blend has the top rated fescues for our area and Mid-Night bluegrass. No other seed has 0% weed seed!
At Holcombs, we know you want a great looking lawn and you can't get one by using lower quality seed. Spend a little more and enjoy the difference.

More info...
Last Chance to bring in your House Plants!
Believe it or not, we will see temperatures dip into the forties within a week and your house plants need to be indoors by then! Check them over for any possible insects before you bring them in. Holcombs has several products to help bring them in clean of insects and keep them clean.
Holcomb has a great selection of houseplants as well!
Our goal with these emails is to provide you with great lawn and garden information, helpful gardening tips, and timely how to's. If you have any suggestions for topics and/or garden gossip, just let me know.

Happy Gardening,
Tim Holcomb
Holcomb Garden Center
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by Kim Carson posted Oct 9 2014 4:43AM
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by Kim Carson posted Oct 8 2014 4:08AM
Rocksteady 23353955Are you ready to rock!? Then come meet Rocksteady, a 1.5-year-old spayed female Australian Cattle Dog mix at the Humane Educational Society. Rocksteady is an energetic and playful girl who would be a great companion for an active person or family. One of her absolute favorite things to do is play fetch and chase tennis balls. She likes to go for walks and has learned to sit on command. She's also a snuggler and will give you plenty of hugs. Come adopt Rocksteady today and you are sure to have a rockin' good time together.
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by Kim Carson posted Oct 8 2014 4:07AM
Tiny 23388522Say hello to our cute and cuddly 3-month-old DSH orange and white tabby kitten, Tiny! Tiny has been with us since he was only a few days old and had to be bottle fed by one of our employees. Now that Tiny is healthy, happy, and strong, he is ready for his next adventure in a forever home! This little guy loves to run and play but he is also quite the snuggle bug. Come to the Humane Educational Society and meet Tiny. He may be small in size, but he's big in fun!
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by Kim Carson posted Oct 7 2014 4:56AM
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