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by Kim Carson posted Nov 26 2014 6:20AM

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by Kim Carson posted Nov 26 2014 6:15AM

Say hello to our Wet Nose Wednesday cat, Kona! This beautiful girl is a 3-year-old black & white DSH with lots of love to give. She came to the shelter with an injured leg, but now she's all better and ready to go to her forever home just intime for turkey and dressing . . . her favorite! She would be super thankful to spend Thanksgiving with you! Come meet Kona at the Humane Educational Society and adopt her today!

by Kim Carson posted Nov 26 2014 6:14AM

Meet Lacey, our super cute Wet Nose Wednesday dog! Lacey is a 7-month-old female hound pup, and she is one of the sweetest girls you will ever meet. Lacey loves other dogs and is always ready to run, jump, and play! She is also great with people and would make a wonderful family pet. Happy, playful, spunky, cute, and snuggly . . . she's the perfect package. Come check this sweet girl out at the Humane Educational Society and take her home just in time for the holidays!

by Kim Carson posted Nov 25 2014 7:48AM
by Kim Carson posted Nov 25 2014 7:45AM
by Tim Holcomb posted Nov 20 2014 4:18PM

Tim Holcomb
Time to Prune and Plant!
Wow, we are just one week away from Thanksgiving!
At Holcombs, we respect your opportunity to be with family for Thanksgiving day and we desire to be with our families during Thanksgiving, so we will be Closed on Thanksgiving Day! However, we will be ready and waiting to help you with all your fall lawn and garden projects the rest of the week.

You've got questions and Holcombs has the answers!

Fall Hours link...
Happy Gardening...
Tim Holcomb
Plant Tulip and Daffodil Bulbs Now!


I know, every spring when the tulips and daffodils proclaim that spring has arrived, you are wishing you had planted your bulbs in the fall. Well, now is the time! Holcombs has a great selection of spring flowering bulbs that will brighten your spring beds and containers.
Make bulb planting easy with one of Holcomb's Bulb Planting Augers for your drill. Only $19.99 and worth it's weight in Gold!

Bulb Auger

Last Chance for
Step 5!
Winterizer new
Fertilome Winterizeris the best food for fall feeding of your lawn, trees, shrubs, roses, and perennials!
Winterizer contains higher levels of potash, which serves as an anti-freeze for plants by helping build up more sugars in the plants.
Time to Prune your Crape Myrtles!
Pruning Crape Myrtle
Summer's gone, fall is slipping away and it's time to prune your crape myrtles. There seems to be a cloak of mystery surrounding the proper pruning techniques. Let me first say, don't be afraid to prune. Crape myrtles are very forgiving.
Secondly do not commit Crape Murder! Generally, an annual thinning and removal of suckers and seed pods are all that's needed. Click below for the details.

More info...
Last Pansies!
Hurry, hurry, hurry!
Pansy Giant Mix
Yes, pansies will bloom all winter and even bloom till June of 2015. However, the growers are switching gears and starting to plant new crops for next spring.
Holcombs still has a good selection of pansies to fill your beds and containers. Add some flowering cabbage or kale for winter interest. Also, plant some tulip or daffodil bulb below your pansies for an explosion of color next spring!
Good Selection at Holcombs Fort Oglethorpe & Hixson!
Cabbage and Kale
Stock up for the Birds!
Bird Feeder with birds
Holcomb Garden Center has been providing bird food to the Chattanooga area bird feeders for over forty years! We sell a lot of sunflower seed all year long. However, there will be more birds at your feeders for the next several months and now is a great time to stock up.
Large 50 Pound Bag of Black Oil Sunflower Seed for only $24.99!

Check out our complete line of Cole's Premium Bird Foodas well!

Click for more info
Great Time to plant trees and shrub!!
(Many on Sale for up to
50% Off!)
Landscape focal point
Planting now allows the roots of your newly planted trees and shrubs to become well established before the onset of summer of 2015. Remember that Holcombs offers the area's only two and three year tree and shrub warranty!
If you plant our trees and shrubs with our Planting Mix and Root Stimulator, we give you an extra year's warranty for the area's only three year tree and shrub warranty!

Click her for more warranty information
Our goal with these emails is to provide you with great lawn and garden information, helpful gardening tips, and timely how to's. If you have any suggestions for topics and/or garden gossip, just let me know.

Happy Gardening,
Tim Holcomb
Holcomb Garden Center
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by James Howard posted Nov 20 2014 4:10AM
by Admin posted Nov 19 2014 4:47AM

by Kim Carson posted Nov 19 2014 4:25AM

Say hello to Kandi, our Wet Nose Wednesday feline! Kandi came to the shelter with a litter of kittens and was a great mama cat. Now her kittens are all in their forever homes and Kandi is ready for a forever family, too! She tends to be a bit shy, but she’s super sweet. Come meet this adorable cat at the Humane Educational Society!

by Kim Carson posted Nov 19 2014 4:21AM

This week's Wet Nose Wednesday dog is Melba, a sweet senior and one of our special needs dogs. She tested positive for heartworms and is awaiting treatment, which HES will provide. Melba’s absolute favorite toy is her squeaky ball and she would love to show you how to play fetch. Melba is sweet, gentle, and loving – a perfect pet! Come check her out at the Humane Educational Society!

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