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by James Howard posted Aug 29 2014 9:19AM

Boy Finds The Idea of His Mom Being Pregnant Simply "Exasperating" in Adorable Video

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by Kim Carson posted Aug 28 2014 4:25AM

Boston Marathon Bombing Survivor Weds Nurse

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by Kim Carson posted Aug 27 2014 5:05AM
Meet Indiana    22548800 Indiana is a female Beagle/Terrier mix around 4 yrs old she is playful and good on a leash
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by Kim Carson posted Aug 27 2014 5:04AM
Meet Maverick     20672507  Maverick is a male Cat Domestic Medium Hair/Mix around 1 1/2 yrs old that is black and grey
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by Kim Carson posted Aug 27 2014 4:41AM
  It's time for a late August tradition . . . a list about today's college freshmen that makes you realize you're so old, you might as well wither up and die.     Beloit College in Wisconsin just released their annual "Mindset List" . . . where they list a bunch of things about college freshmen that'll make you feel ancient.

  This year's freshmen were born in 1996, so here are some highlights about their mindset . . .   

 1.  They were just starting kindergarten when 9/11 happened.
  2.  They've never known life without "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart" . . . he took over the show in 1999, when they were three.   3.  They were never seduced into smoking by Joe Camel . . . he was gone by '97. 
 4.  They've never known life without the WNBA . . . it started in 1997. 
 5.  Bill Gates has been the richest man in the U.S. their entire lives. 
 6.  They've never experienced the AIDS crisis . . . the number of cases of Americans dying from AIDS has been going down their entire lives.  
7.  They have never used Netscape as a web browser.
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by Kim Carson posted Aug 26 2014 4:36AM
by Kim Carson posted Aug 25 2014 4:46AM

Katy Perry Gives Us SERIOUS Nostalgia At The 2014 VMAs

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by Tim Holcomb posted Aug 21 2014 4:00PM
  Tim Holcomb
Mid-Seventies in the middle of August? Scattered rain showers? This August has given us a taste of fall. Take advantage of fall like weather and start your fall early! Fall planting? Go ahead! Sow grass seed? Start early September. Take these rare opportunities to come on by Holcomb Garden Centers and soak in the color and freshness that flowering plants provide. Be sure to call and sign up for one of our Fall Lawn Classes. If you look closely you can almost see fall from here!
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Holcomb Garden Center
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by Kim Carson posted Aug 21 2014 4:39AM

Sea Plankton on Space Station? Russian Official Claims It's So

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