Wet Nose Wednesday!


Polly 25126394

Pretty Polly is this week’s Wet Nose Wednesday cat. Polly is a 3-year-old DSH brown tabby with beautiful eyes and a loving personality. When you walk into the Free Roaming Cat Room, Polly is the first cat to greet you at the door. All she wants is to be petted and loved. Through no fault of her own, Polly has been here for almost a year but has kept a positive and playful kitty attitude the whole time. Will you be the one to give this sweet girl the forever home she deserves? If so, she’ll be waiting for you at the Humane Educational Society!


Charleigh 30137136

Our Wet Nose Wednesday dog today is Charleigh, a playful 7.5-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix. Do you know what Charliegh loves more than anything? Playing fetch! Charliegh can fetch and catch tennis balls for hours if you will throw them for her. It’s so much fun to see this canine “senior citizen” running and catching tennis balls better than any of the young pups out there. If you could use a doggy pal to keep you active this summer, Charliegh is perfect for you. Come check out her cool tricks at the Humane Educational Society!