13 Ways to Make your Virtual Party Festive

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This year has been downright odd and in addition to pretty much every other occasion in 2020, your holiday parties will not only be holly and jolly but also virtual. As we head into the colder months, COVID-19 cases are rising and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recommended we stay home for the most wonderful time of the year. And while going out isn’t an option, that doesn’t mean you can’t still throw the best holiday party that will have your friends talking until next season.

So how exactly do you throw an amazing virtual holiday party that’s equal parts entertaining and filled with holiday spirit? Easy! With a dash of holiday magic, Zoom, and this handy guide, your virtual holiday party this year will be the best yet.

1. BYOB Cocktail Hour

Start your evening off right with some bright festive cocktails. If you have party attendees that aren’t keen on booze, there are plenty of delicious holiday cocktails sans the alcohol.

2. Name That Holiday Tune

A seasonal twist on a classic game, either create your own holiday playlist or select a one from your preferred music platform. Those who can correctly guess the most tunes can choose the next activity!

3. Secret Santa

It’s no secret that the infamous Secret Santa party is getting a virtual makeover this year. Be sure to check out gift exchange platforms like Elfster, before your Zoom party so everyone has a friend to grab a gift for.

4. I-Spy: Virtual Christmas Edition

Is it an elf? A reindeer? Something red? A cool virtual spin on I-Spy, have one person decide what to spy in another attendee’s Zoom screen. The twist? No one knows who’s Zoom screen it will be!

5. Card Exchange

Exchange the gift of kind words with this activity. Have your guests anonymously draw a name before the party and set aside some time to allow everyone to write out a virtual Christmas card to their recipient.

6. Musical Chairs

Like regular musical chairs except this time instead of moving your bums, you’ll be moving your mouth. One person cranks up the holiday tunes and everyone sings along. Whoever is left singing once the music stops has to take a shot.

7. Decorate Together

One of the best things to do with loved ones during the holidays. Prop your laptop or tablet up in a safe place and deck your halls while chatting away with your friends.

8. Share Favorite Holiday Memories

As the holidays are often a time of reflection, have your guests share their favorite holiday memories and feel the true warmth of the season.

9. Holiday Trivia

Fun and educational. Did you know that mistletoe is a parasidic plant? Kind of makes you think twice about kissing under it.

10. Festive Baking

Santa is going to need something to nibble on. Baking with loved ones is a great way to feel and taste the holiday joy.

11. Holiday Words Drinking Game

Choose a typical holiday word (like “Christmas” or “Santa”) that no one is allowed to say for the duration of the party. Every time someone utters the holiday word, they have to take a sip or shot.

12. Movie Time

You can’t go wrong with a festive film. Log onto Teleparty with your friends and tune into a holiday classic like Home Alone.

13. Never Have I Ever: Holiday Edition

Here’s a game that I’m sure we’re all happy has been flipped for the holidays. Have you ever had to wrap a Christmas gift in wrapping paper that wasn’t Christmas themed? We’ve all been there… or not.

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