The Local Look

The Local Look

 A Look At Local & More /   Nov. 17th TFN

 The Collegedale Court Office is closed until November 30th due to Covid;  The Dalton Municipal Court is closed until December 2nd for the same reason; The Catoosa County Senior Center is closed until December 1st; and the Meigs County Clerk’s Office is closed until further notice..all due to a spike in cases.

There will not be any parades allowed at Mardi Gras this year. New Orleans officials say they cannot cancel Mardi Gras, but they HAVE cancelled all parades associated with the celebration.

In a 2020 holiday gift to all, Zoom will lift  its 40-minute limit on FREE calls globally from 12 a.m. Nov. 26, Thanksgiving Day,  through 6 a.m. Nov. 27. Families can digitally spend every minute of the holiday together, from the defrosting of the turkey to the splitting of the wishbone.

This Wednesday night, November 18th, Hamilton County School Superintendent Dr. Bryan Johnson will host a live Question-and-Answer session on WTCI, TV45. The show begins at 8pm this Wednesday night the 18th.

This entire month, Mars/Jupiter/Saturn/Mercury/and Venus will shine more brightly than usual, in the night sky. You should be able to see them without binoculars.

Baskin Robbins expects to sell Thanksgiving Turkey Ice Cream Cakes this holiday. The legs of the “turkey” will be ice cream cones, the turkey “glaze” will be caramel topping, and you can enjoy lots of flavors inside!

 Tennessee Titans travel to Baltimore this weekend to play the Ravens,   and the Falcons will be AT the New Orleans Saints this Sunday – however, New Orleans quarterback Drew Breeze is out with a collapsed lung and broken ribs, so of course he will not play against the Falcons this Sunday