Santa Experience

My family and I are trying something new on our vacation this year.... whitewater rafting.. I've never done it before, and actually I'm a little nervous! But the family tells me I will be fine!  Then it's off to a cabin deep in the woods for a day or two, no cell coverage, no tv... Just books, and nature, and each other. I'm really looking forward to this. What are you doing on YOUR vacation this Summer?!  Patti Sanders    @PattiSanders923




With the holidays looking a little different this year, Sunny 92.3 wants to bring the magic of visiting Santa to your home! Listen to Patti Sanders to win an interactive elf led journey to the North Pole and explore all of Santa’s favorite Winter Wonderland places! You and your family will even have a chance to chat with Kris Kringle himself. To win just  be caller  number 9 and when Patti gives the cue to call. Happy Holidays from Sunny 92.3 For more information about the Santa Experience click here


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