Sunny Sounds of Christmas

Sunny Sounds Of Christmas 2021 Promo Reel

Enjoy the Sunny Sounds of Christmas all season long on Chattanooga’s official Christmas station, Sunny 92.3. Brought to you by The Allergy and Asthma Group of Galen and Rodizio Grill Brazilian Steakhouse.


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Luther’s Christmas Picks:

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The late great Sunny 92.3 National Radio Hall of Famer Luther Masingill loved the Christmas season. He would always talk about his love of sippin Mayfield Eggnog while listening to his favorite Christmas songs like A Carpenter, a Mother, and a King by the Rhodes Kids. Luther would always get on to those making fun of fruit cake and would be on the air with someone looking for a lost dog before playing the classic “The Barking Dogs”. We got teary eyed with Luther as he aired Paul Harvey’s classic story “The Man and the Birds” and we would all laugh together after hearing Christmas DragNet. We all need Christmas, and Luther had that special gift of drawing us together for the season. Great memories!

The Rhodes Kids:

The Barking Dogs:

Paul Harvey:

Stan Freberg:



Robin Daniels’ (Sunny 92.3 Music Director) Holiday Picks:

Michael Buble’ – Let It Snow

As much as I hate to admit it, I’m old enough to remember when Christmas with the family required Johnny Mathis playing in the background. Trendy Christmas music has come and gone through the years. but there’s still no substitute for the traditional songs from a voice as warm and smooth as hot butter dripping from a cheese danish on Christmas morning. This isn’t Michael Buble’s first release of this song (we’ve been playing his original since 2006), but he’s “pepped it up a bit” with horns and solid new instrumentation. The mantle has passed, and years from now, my kids will fondly remember the time when Christmas with the family required Michael Buble’ playing in the background.

Dan & Shay – Officially Christmas

Raise your hand if you’ve ever watched a Christmas movie on Hallmark Channel. If there’s one thing that feels better than Christmas, it’s falling in love at Christmas, or giving/getting an engagement ring at Christmas. This song celebrates good times like these as well as any Hallmark movie, and it does it in under 3 minutes! Christmas season rat race got you down? Need a vicarious love story to stoke the fireplace of Christmas cheer? Check out this Dan & Shay song, and fall in love with the season all over again.

Neon Trees – Holiday Rock

Since the beginning of popular music on the radio, most of us in this biz learn of new songs from music company representatives whose job it is to talk us into playing those songs on the radio. Well, as Bob Dylan once said, “The times they are a changin.” We didn’t know anything about this song until I happened to see an advertisement for it on Facebook! Normally, I don’t fall for click bait, but something about the ad caught my eye, and I’m glad it did! What a happy song! There’s no deep meaning here. It’s just a tap your toe, bob-your-head, feel-good song that’ll get your entire Christmas party out on the dance floor. Just like the milk and cookies you leave out for Santa, this song loudly proclaims, “Smile! Laugh out loud! It’s Christmas!”