Wet Nose Wednesday

Apollo 24499
Apollo is a 9-month-old Pit mix with a shy but sweet personality. When you first meet him, he will probably be a little timid. Once he spends a little time with you, he will loosen up and give you a sweet smile. He’s the same way with other dogs. When he first meets one, he is very unsure of what to think. He’s been in a couple of playgroups now, though, and has made friends and is learning how much fun it is to romp and play. With a little bit of love, he’s going to be a super canine companion.
Melon 23951
Just take a look at this adorable girl! Melon is such a pretty 7-month-old gray kitty who would love a home in time for Thanksgiving. Melon is young and playful. She’s also gentle and sweet, but a little on the shy side. We think maybe being adopted in a home with other cats (or maybe even adopting a kitty friend to go home with her) would be perfect!
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