A dog, a cat and crow walk into a bar

Just kidding. But we do have a dog, a cat and a crow to crow about! Looking for an adorable dog and don’t already have one in your home, read about Joey below and then meet him at the Humane Educational Society. And what about Wrangler? He’s a one-year-old beautiful tabby with a sweet disposition and an easygoing nature who gets along well with other cats. And as for that crow: his name is Oli Kai and he will soon be joining the 40 plus animals cared for by Reflection Riding Arboretum and Nature Center as a nature ambassador. With one wing and one eye, he’s been given a whole new purpose in life and will be treated royally. James is flying to pick him up tomorrow in Missouri to bring him home. We’ll keep you updated on their progress!

James and Marta in the Morning


This handsome boy with the goofy smile is Joey, our Wet Nose Wednesday dog. Joey loves, loves, loves people and shows his affection with hugs and kisses. Even though he’s 3 years old, he’s really just a big kid at heart. He likes to play with his toys and will play fetch and keep-away with you if you’re up to it. If you aren’t in the mood to play, give him a rawhide or treat and he’ll keep himself occupied and content. Rumor around the kennel has it that Joey is probably housebroken, which is always a plus! Joey would do best in a home without other animals since he seems to be dominant with the other dogs and we don’t think he would do well with cats. If Joey sounds like the perfect fit for your family, come check out his sweet smile at the Humane Educational Society!


Our Wet Nose Wednesday kitty is Wrangler, a 1-year-old DSH orange tabby. Wrangler looks serious in his photos, but that’s just because he seriously wants you to love him. He is outgoing, affectionate, and friendly. He’s always one of the first cats to greet you when you walk into the free roaming cat room. This even-tempered guy even seems to get along with other cats and may enjoy having a feline sibling at his new home. If you want to adopt a great kitty, you won’t want to miss meeting Wrangler. We’re sure he’ll wrangle your heart if you give him the chance! Come say hello to him today at the Humane Educational Society.

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