Amelia & Danali!

Read about these sweet pets below and then meet them at the Humane Educational Society! Can’t adopt at this time? How about serving as a dog walker or foster parent? And donations are always appreciated, especially now as so many animals are being sheltered from Irma and Harvey.


Amelia is one fun-loving pup! Whether she’s running around the play yard with other dogs, entertaining herself in the puppy pool, or going for walks with the volunteers, this 2-year-old Cattle Dog mix is always having a blast. And you can just tell by the smile on her cute doggy face that she’s full of happiness and love. Although she’s energetic and playful, she’s also the kind of girl who can settle in for a good snuggle or belly rub at the end of the day. Amelia would love to finally find her forever home. Won’t you help her out and come adopt her today?


This gorgeous 2-year-old Calico is Denali. When you walk into the free roaming cat room to meet her, you will most likely find her lounging in one of the cat trees. Once she hears you come in, though, she’ll pop out to greet you. All you have to do is scratch behind her ears and her heart will be yours. Denali seems to be content living with other cats and might enjoy a home where she has some feline friends. She’ll definitely enjoy a home where she can be loved and spoiled. If you think you could treat her like the princess she is, come adopt her today.

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