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Ray Liotta Is Remembered At 'Black Bird' Premiere

To honor the late Goodfellas actor Ray Liotta, who passed away in May at the age of 67, his daughter, Karsen Liotta, and his fiancé, Jacy Nittolo, attended the premiere of Black Bird on Wednesday night (June 29th). Liotta stars in the series as Big Jim Keene, father to Taron Egerton's Jimmy Keene, who is sentenced to 10 years in prison—unless he can get a confession out of a suspected serial killer.

At the premiere, Egerton said of Liotta, "I just kind of fell in love with him immediately. We developed a very, very, very close connection, and I had a very special time filming those scenes. I'm very pleased with how they turned out."

A week ago, Nittolo posted a tribute to Liotta on Instagram. "It's hard to believe a month has gone by. There are no words to properly describe what one goes through with this type of unexpected loss. I miss him every second of every day," she wrote. Karsen posted a Father's Day tribute to the Hannibal star: "Those who knew him, loved him. You are the best Dad anyone could ask for."

Zooey Deschanel Thought Jonathan Scott Ghosted Her When They First Started Dating

New Girl actress Zooey Deschanel and Property Brothers star Jonathan Scott met on Carpool Karaoke in 2019. Shortly afterwards, they began talking, but Deschanel told Bustle in a recent interview that there was a point in which she thought Scott was ghosting her. As it turned out, he had gone on a trip to the Rocky Mountains and didn't have service for four days.

"The very first text I sent when I came out of the mountains was a video I recorded to a Canadian country song that she had mentioned to me. She was like, 'Oh, this guy likes me.' And we've literally talked every single day since. It's been the best three years of my life," Scott said.

Deschanel commented on the decision to go public with their relationship: "Jonathan's from a different world. I kept my cards close to my chest. But everything about him was kind of out there because people know him. I'm like, 'He's so nice, kind, funny and smart, why wouldn't I want to tell everybody?'" she said.

The couple recently filmed an episode for the upcoming season of Carpool Karaoke, nearly three years after they first met.

Zawe Ashton, Tom Hiddleston, Shanna Moakler + More!

ZAWE ASHTON AND TOM HIDDLESTON ARE EXPECTING THEIR FIRST CHILD: Zawe Ashton and Tom Hiddleston confirmed with Vogue on Wednesday night (June 29th) that they are expecting their first child. Ashton debuted her baby bump on the red carpet for the premiere of her new film Mr. Malcolm's List in New York City.

SHANNA MOAKLER HOPES ‘FOR A SPEEDY RECOVERY' FOR EX-HUSBAND TRAVIS BARKER: According to E! News, Shanna Moakler addressed her ex-husband, Travis Barker's, hospitalization on Thursday (June 30th). "Thank you to everyone who has reached out with concern to my ex and father of my children. I know he is in great hands and surrounded by loving support and the best medical teams available and his beautiful wife Kourtney," she said in a statement. Moakler added that she's hoping "for a speedy recovery and for the comfort of my children as I know they are very concerned and worried."

SHAILENE WOODLEY SAYS HER HEAD AND HEART FEEL ‘NURTURED' FOLLOWING AARON RODGERS SPLIT: On Wednesday (June 29th), Shailene Woodley posted to Instagram to share that she's feeling "nurtured," following her split from Aaron Rodgers. "to the month of june : putting macro whack world events aside for a minute, on a micro level, you nurtured this woman's head + heart. you gave me oxygen in the form of friends, babies, trees, magic, DANCING, animals, salt, sun, deep conversations, six packs from laughing, availability in the form of tears, PLAY, sunrises, hallway tag, goofiness, spontaneity, pita bread (so much pita!), hellos and goodbyes," she wrote.

MEREDITH VIEIRA JOKES THAT SHE ‘DID HER TIME' ON ‘THE VIEW:' In a recent interview with E!'s Daily Pop, former co-host of The View Meredith Vieira commented on the years she spent on the show. When asked if she would ever return, she said, "You know, there's a time for everything, I like to say, and I kinda did my time. That sounds like a prison term, actually." Vieira added, "I did nine years and I loved it. The show has evolved and it's a different show and I think it's fantastic."

Halle Bailey, Sarah Hyland, Mira Sorvino + More!

HALLE BAILEY GIVES BEHIND THE SCENES LOOK AT ‘THE COLOR PURPLE:' On Thursday (June 30th), Halle Bailey posted a series of photos and videos from the set of The Color Purple. One video shows Oprah giving Bailey a bouquet of flowers, while the cast and crew clap for her. "and that's a wrap for me on the color purple. i'm so very grateful to have had this experience, my second major motion picture complete in the last year and a half. God is so good. here's a few of my fav moments without showing too much," she captioned the post.

SARAH HYLAND TO HOST NEW SEASON OF ‘LOVE ISLAND:' E! News reports that Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland will host the newest season of Love Island. The fourth season, titled Love Island USA, will be filmed in California and will stream exclusively on Peacock.

MIRA SORVINO AND LISA KUDROW COMMENT ON ‘ROMY AND MICHELE' SEQUEL: On Wednesday (June 29th), Mira Sorvino appeared on the Today show and hinted at a Romy and Michele's High School Reunion sequel. "There's nothing official to report but I can unofficially hint that we're closer than we've ever been to getting something to happen," she said. Lisa Kudrow appeared on The Jess Cagle Show the same day and said the writer of the original film, Robin Schiff, is "thinking about it and coming up with something." Kudrow added, "Isn't that thrilling?"

‘DUNCANVILLE' IS CANCELLED AFTER THREE SEASONS: Deadline reports that the third season of the Fox animated series Duncanville will be its last. The family comedy comes from Amy Poehler, Mike Scully, and Julie Scully.

Woman Details Ezra Miller Choking Her In Iceland

The allegations against The Flash actor Ezra Miller continue to pile up. On Thursday (June 30th), Variety published an article on Miller, including an interview with the woman Miller allegedly choked and pushed to the ground in 2020. A video of the incident went viral in April of the same year.

According to the woman, who wished to remain anonymous, she and Miller were talking at a pub in Iceland when she joked, "But just so you know, I could take you in a fight." She said they responded, "You really want to fight?"

Later, the woman said her friend antagonized the situation by telling Miller that he heard the actor didn't want to fight. "My friend didn't have to say that," she told the outlet. "It was just a joke, obviously — but Miller took that literally and got super mad and came running outside," she shared.

The woman continued, "I think it's just fun and games — but then it wasn't. All of a sudden, they're on top of me, choking me, still screaming in my face if I want to fight. My friend who's filming sees they're obviously not joking and it's actually serious, so he stops filming, and pushes them off me as they're still trying to fight me. Two guy friends of mine are actually holding Miller back as they're screaming, 'This is what you wanted! This is what you wanted!'"

Lala Kent Says Randall Emmett 'Tackled' Her When She Confronted Him About Cheating

In an exposé published by The Los Angeles Times on Thursday (June 30th), Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent claimed her ex-fiancé, Randall Emmett, "tackled" her and pushed her to the ground when she confronted him about cheating. According to Kent, this happened after she tried to grab his phone from him.

"He ran after me, tackled me and knocked me to the ground. I used every ounce of strength to get him off of me as he was trying to pry it from my hands," she said. "That was when I knew, for sure, that there was a lot he was hiding."

Emmett's rep, Sallie Hofmeister, denied the allegations. "These allegations are false and part of a now-familiar smear campaign orchestrated by Randall's ex-fiancée to sway their custody dispute. Lala Kent has lied and manipulated others in her desperate attempt to win full custody of her daughter, keep her name in the press, and remain relevant in reality television," she told the newspaper.

The Creator Of 'Friends' Donates $4 Million To Apologize For The Show's Lack Of Diversity

The highly successful sitcom Friends, which ran from 1994 to 2004, has received a lot of criticism over the years for focusing on six white, heterosexual individuals living in New York City—one of the most diverse cities in the world.

The show's co-creator, Marta Kauffman, recently addressed the issue, which she said she found "difficult and frustrating" at first.

"I've learned a lot in the last 20 years. Admitting and accepting guilt is not easy. It's painful looking at yourself in the mirror. I'm embarrassed that I didn't know better 25 years ago," Kauffman said in a Zoom interview with The Los Angeles Times.

In an attempt to apologize for the lack of diversity on the show, Kauffman pledged $4 million to the African and African American studies department at her alma mater, Brandeis University.

"It took me a long time to begin to understand how I internalized systemic racism. I've been working really hard to become an ally, an anti-racist. And this seemed to me to be a way that I could participate in the conversation from a white woman's perspective," she told Brandeis.

Eva Mendes Asked If She Could Keep Ryan Gosling's Ken Underwear From The 'Barbie' Movie

Eva Mendes requested a special souvenir from her partner, Ryan Gosling, from the set of the new Barbie movie. On an episode of The Talk earlier this week, the Hitch actress commented on the first-look photo of Gosling as Ken.

"There was something about the image that sparked my, you know, that little teenage....," she said, while also admitting that she asked to keep the underwear he was sporting.

"It's a funny photo and he's trying to be funny, so it worked on all levels. But when I saw it, when he sent it to me from work, I was like, 'Can I please have that underwear? Please, I never ask for anything,'" she said.

She added, laughing, "So, anyway, I do have it. I'm wearing it right now."

Anna Kendrick And Bill Hader Break Up

Pitch Perfect star Anna Kendrick and Trainwreck actor Bill Hader have reportedly called it quits. A source told Entertainment Tonight on Tuesday (June 28th) that they have "broken up."

Kendrick and Hader starred in the 2019 Disney+ Christmas movie Noelle together, but it is unclear exactly when they started dating.

The pair have worked hard to keep their relationship under wraps, but Vanity Fair reported in January that they had been dating "quietly" for over a year.

The news of the breakup comes two months after Hader said, "Oh no," when he was asked if Kendrick would be appearing on his hit show Barry.

Elizabeth Olsen And Robbie Arnett Eloped 'Before COVID'

A year ago, Elizabeth Olsen referred to Robbie Arnett as her husband, which got the rumor mill going. However, the pair hadn't confirmed that they are in fact a married couple until now.

On a recent episode of The Jess Cagle Show, Olsen and Arnett appeared together and broke the news. "We eloped and then we had a wedding at another time and it was before COVID," the Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness actress said. "I just never talked about it," she added.

"We, luckily, timed things out, accidentally, really well," the WandaVision actress said, commenting on the influence of the pandemic at the time. "Everything was so backed up. You couldn't even, like, try to get married then. But it ended up working out."

Hilarie Burton Shares That An Abortion Helped Her Conceive Her Daughter

Many people have taken to social media over the last week to share their abortion stories, including One Tree Hill actress Hilarie Burton. On Tuesday (June 28th), Burton posted a photo of her daughter and explained that having an abortion made it possible for her to carry her to term.

"This is my child. My beloved. My daughter. It is no secret I struggled with infertility. Losing multiple pregnancies before her was traumatic. But female bodies are all different and unpredictable. Having an abortion after my fetus died allowed for my uterus to heal in a way that made it healthy enough to carry future pregnancies," she wrote.

Burton continued, "You know what would have made that painful day even worse? If abortion had been illegal, and law enforcement inspected my body to make sure I hadn't caused my own miscarriage."

The White Collar actress addressed those who had written her about their miscarriages. "Think about every loss and then compound it by knowing that the Supreme Court just said it's okay for states to look at you as a murder suspect in that situation. Your miscarriage will make you a murder suspect. I can't say this clearly enough or shout it loud enough. I only have my daughter because of my abortion," she said.

Kim Kardashian's Lawyer Says SKKN Lawsuit Is A 'Shakedown Effort'

Kim Kardashian is facing some legal trouble regarding her new skincare like, SKKN by Kim. A black-owned and Brooklyn-based small business called Beauty Concepts is claiming ownership over the name.

Apparently, Beauty Concepts provides salon services under the name SKKN+. The LLC sent a cease and desist letter to Kardashian's legal team, with the company's founder, Cyndie Lunsford, saying she's owned the SKKN+ name since 2018.

Kardashian's attorney called the claims a "shakedown effort," saying, "This lawsuit is not what it seems."

He continued, "We applaud Ms. Lunsford for being a small business owner and following her dreams. But that doesn't give her the right to wrongfully claim that we've done something wrong. In its letter, Beauty Concepts claimed to own rights to a logo made up of SKKN+, and had just filed for trademark protection for that logo."

"The business was a one-person shop offering facials from a single Brooklyn location. The salon had no signage and was by appointment only. To our knowledge, Beauty Concepts sold no products under the SKKN+ name," he added.

Update: Blink-182's Travis Barker Was Hospitalized With Pancreatitis

The mystery has been revealed as to why Blink-182's Travis Barker is in the Hospital. TMZ now reports that he was admitted on Tuesday (6-28) while suffering from pancreatitis.

The story emerged when photos appeared of him on a stretcher with wife, Kourtney Kardashian at his side. He entered the hospital complaining of cramps. After being rushed in, he was later transported to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles for better care.

Symptoms include nausea, intense stomach pain and vomiting. Barker's current condition is unknown, but doctors believe the attack was triggered by a colonoscopy.


  • Blink-182's Travis Barker is in the suffering from pancreatitis.
  • He entered the hospital complaining of cramps.
  • Barker's current condition is unknown.

Maya Hawke, Cara Delevingne, Selena Gomez + More!

MAYA HAWKE SAYS ‘FUCK THE SUPREME COURT:' Stranger Things actress Maya Hawke appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Tuesday (June 28th) and spoke out against the reversal of Roe v. Wade. Referring to her mother, Uma Thurman, she said, "My mom wrote this really beautiful essay about her abortion that she got when she was really young, and about how if she hadn't have had it, she wouldn't have become the person that she'd become, and I wouldn't exist, and how both of my parents' lives would've been totally derailed if she hadn't had access to safe and legal health care — fundamental health care." She added, "I can say, ‘Fuck the Supreme Court'? Oh, fuck the Supreme Court. Yeah, rock on. But we're going to keep fighting, and we're gonna win, like our grandmothers did."

CARA DELEVINGNE SAYS HER KISS WITH SELENA GOMEZ ‘WAS JUST FUN:' Cara Delevingne, who plays Selena Gomez's love interest on Only Murderers in the Building, said kissing Gomez "was just fun." On E! News' While You Were Streaming, Delevingne said, "Would anyone in the world not like to kiss Selena? It was just hysterical. It's just one of those things, especially when you know someone so well, it's the comfortability and you kind of have fun with it."

BUSY PHILIPPS CLAIMS SHE'S NEVER USED BOTOX OR FILLERS: On the Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast Tuesday (June 28th), Freaks and Geeks actress Busy Philipps shared that she has had "no Botox, no fillers" injected into her face. "People have actually accused me of work," she said, before making it clear that she hasn't had any done. However, Philipps added that she has "no judgment" toward people who have.

BRODY JENNER WAS ‘SO STOKED' THAT ‘THE HILLS' REBOOT WAS CANCELLED: Reality TV star Brody Jenner told People recently that he was "so stoked" when The Hills: New Beginnings got cancelled. "To be honest, yeah. It just wasn't the same experience. It was very stressful. There was a lot of manipulation involved. It was just a lot," he said.

Mary Mara, Cameron Diaz, Julia Roberts + More!

MARY MARA'S CAUSE OF DEATH IS REVEALED: According to The New York Post, ER actress Mary Mara died Sunday (June 26th) from asphyxiation due to water. Mara's representative, Craig Dorfman, said investigators found that the actress might have slipped and hit her head while swimming in the Saint Lawrence River. "Mary was one of the finest actresses I ever met. I still remember seeing her onstage in 1992 in ‘Mad Forest' off-Broadway. She was electric, funny and a true individual. Everyone loved her. She will be missed," Dorfman said.

CAMERON DIAZ RETURNS TO ACTING FOR ‘BACK IN ACTION:' Variety reports that Cameron Diaz is stepping out of retirement and into a role for Netflix's action-comedy titled Back in Action. Diaz will star alongside her Annie costar, Jamie Foxx.

THE TRAILER IS RELEASED FOR ‘TICKET TO PARADISE:' According to Today, the trailer for Ticket to Paradise dropped on Wednesday (June 29th). Julia Roberts returns to the rom-com alongside her Ocean's Eleven costar, George Clooney. The film is scheduled to hit theaters in October.

WATCH THE TRAILER FOR ‘SEE HOW THEY RUN:' Variety reports that Searchlight Pictures released the first trailer for See How They Run on Wednesday (June 29th). Sam Rockwell and Saoirse Ronan star as two detectives trying to solve a murder mystery. The film will reach theaters on September 30th.

Alec Baldwin Is Dragged On Twitter For Interviewing Woody Allen

People had no reservations when it came to tearing Alec Baldwin apart after the 30 Rock actor announced he would be interviewing alleged abuser Woody Allen on Tuesday (June 28th). Twitter users came out en masse to criticize the actor, bringing the fatal Rust shooting into the picture.

"Like Baldwin's career isn't already hanging by a thread. What a dumb way to completely destroy it," on person tweeted.

Journalist Emily Miller wrote, "Alec Baldwin, who shot and killed his employee 8 month ago, is live on instagram now with Woody Allen who is married to his daughter."

Another Twitter user joked, "Alec Baldwin announces an interview with Woody Allen. Topics to include the murdering of innocent people and child molestation."

Chris Pratt Says He 'Cried' Following 'Healthy Daughter' Backlash Last Year

Chris Pratt opened up to Men's Health about the backlash he received last year for a "just because" post he made for his wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt. The Jurassic Park actor said people's responses "bothered" him and that he even "cried" about it.

Pratt was criticized for writing in honor of Schwarzenegger: "She's given me an amazing life, a gorgeous healthy daughter, she chews so loudly that sometimes I put in my ear buds to drown it out, but that's love!" Fans thought his "healthy daughter" comment was a slight to his ex-wife, Anna Faris, since their nine-year-old son, Jack, was born prematurely and experienced a number of health issues.

"I said something like, 'Find someone who looks at you the way my wife looks at me.' And then I gave her some s— in the thing and said, 'But I love you. I'm so thankful for my wife — she gave me a beautiful, healthy daughter.' And then a bunch of articles came out and said, 'That's so cringeworthy. I can't believe Chris Pratt would thank her for a healthy daughter when his first child was born premature. That's such a dig at his ex-wife,'" he told the magazine.

"I'm like, That is f—d up. My son's gonna read that one day. He's 9. And it's etched in digital stone. It really f—ing bothered me, dude. I cried about it. I was like, I hate that these blessings in my life are — to the people close to me — a real burden," Pratt said.

Dakota Johnson Says Making '50 Shades of Grey' Was 'Scary'

In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, Dakota Johnson opened up about her time on the set of 50 Shades of Grey. The Lost Daughter actress revealed that she "signed up to do a very different version of the film we ended up making."

"I'm a sexual person, and when I'm interested in something, I want to know so much about it. That's why I did those big naked movies," she said.

However, Johnson said this film had its challenges. "I was young. I was 23. So it was scary. It just became something crazy. There were a lot of different disagreements," she shared.

Johnson continued, "I haven't been able to talk about this truthfully ever, because you want to promote a movie the right way, and I'm proud of what we made ultimately and everything turns out the way it's supposed to, but it was tricky."

When asked if she ever regretted starring in the franchise, she said, "If I had known at the time that's what it was going to be like, I don't think anyone would've done it. It would've been like, ‘Oh, this is psychotic.' But no, I don't regret it."

Megan Fox, Laura Prepon, NeNe Leakes + More!

MEGAN FOX DEBUTS PINK HAIR TO MATCH MACHINE GUN KELLY: Megan Fox showed off her new pink hairdo during the premiere of Hulu's Machine Gun Kelly's Life in Pink on Monday (June 27th). Today reports that she and her fiancé, Machine Gun Kelly, not only had matching pink hair, but pink nails to boot.

LAURA PREPON SAYS HER ABORTION SAVED HER LIFE: On Monday (June 27th), Orange is the New Black actress Laura Prepon posted to Instagram to share her abortion story—which she said saved her life. "One of the worst days of my life was when I made the choice to terminate a pregnancy in the second trimester. The devastating truth is that we found out the fetus would not survive to full term, and that my life was at risk as well. At the time - I had the choice. Everyone has their own story for seeking out this medical procedure and I empathize with anyone who's been faced with this impossible decision. I am praying for all of us, that we can get through this challenging time and regain agency over our own bodies," Prepon wrote.

NENE LEAKES IS IN TALKS WITH ANDY COHEN AND BRAVO: Page Six reports that NeNe Leakes may settle the discrimination lawsuit she filed against Andy Cohen and Bravo. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star and Cohen/Bravo are reportedly "in the process of negotiating this issue in an attempt to avoid the time and expense of a motion to compel arbitration."

‘SISTER WIVES' STAR LEON BROWN COMES OUT AS TRANSGENDER: Leon Brown, the only child to Meri and Kody Brown from the reality TV show Sister Wives, has come out as transgender. On Tuesday (June 28th), Leon shared photos of themselves to Instagram and wrote, "Here's me, definitely not having almost any of my s–t figured out, to let you know that i am trans. My name is Leon or Leo (I love both) and my pronouns are they/them. I'm finally ready to share my favorite self with the world. And that self is incredibly genderqueer, trans, and unapologetic."

Mary Mara, Hocus Pocus 2, Alyssa Milano + More!

MARY MARA DIES AT 61: According to Page Six, Law & Order actress Mary Mara has died at the age of 61. A representative for Mara said on Monday (June 27th), "Mary's body was found this morning in her beloved St. Lawrence River." According to the police report, no foul play is suspected, but an autopsy will be performed to determine her official cause of death. Along with Law & Order, Mara appeared in Ray Donovan and NYPD Blue as well.

‘HOCUS POCUS 2' TRAILER IS RELEASED: Nearly thirty years later, the Sanderson sisters are back. Variety reports that the first trailer for the Hocus Pocus sequel dropped on Tuesday (June 28th). The movie will be available for streaming on Disney+ starting September 30th, just in time for the spooky season.

‘WHO'S THE BOSS?' SEQUEL IS UNDER WAY: Deadline reports that the Who's The Boss? sequel has landed at Amazon Freevee. Alyssa Milano and Tony Danza are set to reprise their roles from the original 1984 show.

SEE MARGOT ROBBIE AND RYAN GOSLING ON THE SET OF ‘BARBIE:' On Tuesday (June 28th), photos circulated showing Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling rollerblading around Venice Beach in matching neon attire, channeling ‘80s Barbie and Ken, for the upcoming Barbie movie. Page Six reports that the film, directed by Greta Gerwig, is set to be released in 2023.

Travis Barker Is Hospitalized With Kourtney Kardashian By His Side

On Tuesday (June 28th), Travis Barker was rushed to a hospital in Los Angeles. The Blink-182 drummer was seen on a stretcher outside of the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center with his wife, Kourtney Kardashian, following closely behind.

The reason for Barker's hospitalization remains unclear. Earlier on Tuesday (June 28th), he tweeted, "God save me," but fans have since pointed out that this could be in reference to a song by his friend, Machine Gun Kelly.

Shortly after Barker was reportedly taken to the hospital, his 16-year-old daughter, Alabama, posted to her Instagram stories, "please send your prayers."

Howard Stern Is Considering Running For President To 'Overturn All This Bulls--t'

On his SirusXM radio show Monday (June 27th), Howard Stern announced he was "really thinking about" running for president. He then mapped out what changes he'd make if he were elected.

"The problem with most presidents is they have too big of an agenda. The only agenda I would have is to make the country fair again," he said.

Stern commented on Trump losing the popular vote in 2016. "A guy who lost the vote won the election. How long can we keep electing people who lost the election?" he said.

He continued, "I am going to do the very simple thing that'll set the country straight: one vote, one person. No more Electoral College."

The Private Parts star added, "The other thing is, if I do run for president, and I'm not f – – king around, I'm really thinking about it, because the only other thing I'm going to do is appoint five more Supreme Court justices." Stern said this would be his plan to "overturn all this bulls – – t."

Johnny Depp Was Not Offered $301 Million To Return To 'Pirates Of The Caribbean'

The rumor about Disney offering Johnny Depp $301 million to return to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise has been debunked.

On Monday (June 27th), multiple outlets shared that Depp had been offered the $301 million deal. A source reportedly told PopTopic, "Disney is very interested in patching up their relationship with Johnny Depp. They are very hopeful that Johnny will forgive them and return as his iconic character."

However, a representative for the Edward Scissorhands actor told NBC, "This is made up."

In May, Pirates of the Caribbean producer Jerry Bruckheimer was asked if Depp would reprise his role as Captain Jack Sparrow. Bruckheimer responded, "Not at this point. The future is yet to be decided."

Alec Baldwin To Conduct Interview With Woody Allen On Tuesday

Alec Baldwin announced on Sunday (June 26th) that he would be interviewing Woody Allen on Tuesday (June 28th), despite the controversy surrounding the Annie Hall director. The interview is scheduled to take place via Instagram Live.

Allen allegedly sexually abused his adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow, when she was a child. These allegations, which first arose in 1992, resurfaced due to an HBO docuseries titled Allen v. Farrow that was released last year. The docuseries features Dylan and her mother, Mia Farrow, detailing the abuse.

Baldwin came prepared for backlash when he announced the interview. He captioned his post, "Let me preface this by stating that I have ZERO INTEREST in anyone's judgments and sanctimonious posts here. I am OBVIOUSLY someone who has my own set of beliefs and COULD NOT CARE LESS about anyone else's speculation. If you believe that a trial should be conducted by way of an HBO documentary, that's your issue."

In the video he shared, Baldwin added, "I love you, Woody."