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Big Time Rush's Kendall Schmidt Engaged To Longtime Girlfriend

Kendall Schmidt of the pop group Big Time Rush is now engaged to Mica von Turkovich, his girlfriend of seven years.

The singer shared the announcement on Instagram.

Kendall posted a photo of himself on one knee, proposing to Mica, along with a caption that said, "My heart and soul. I'll love you forever."

Bandmate Carlos PenaVega congratulated the couple, writing, "FINALLY!!! Yea!!!! So happy for u guys!!!"

Logan Henderson, who is also in BTR, said, "Im not crying YOU ARE! Love you both beyond words."

The proposal happened at Radio City Music Hall in New York City on June 29th.

Charli XCX Releases New Song With Tiesto

Charli XCX has dropped a new EDM-pop party track with Tiesto called "Hot in It."

Charli spoke with Apple Music's Zane Lowe and explained that the song takes her back to her roots.

She explained, "I was so honored when I got the call, to be honest because I feel like we've been in each other's ether for many, many years and nothing's ever quite happened, but I'm so happy that we waited for this song because it truly is an Anthem. Everybody wants to just party to this song. It's back to my roots."

As for Tiesto, he had been wanting to collab with Charli for some time, but it didn't come together until now.

He said, "Finally I can put you off my bucket list. It's amazing. Just took to the next level. The original was just a sample, low male vocal and it just didn't sound as good. And then she re-sang everything and it sounds incredible."

Halsey Defends Decision To Speak Out On Abortion Rights

Halsey fired off a few tweets earlier this week, defending her decision to speak out on abortion rights.

Halsey, who uses she/they pronouns, wrote, "The ‘people pay to see you sing not hear your views' argument is so dumb. No, you paid to see me use a stage as a form of expression in the manner that I choose. Sorry you lack the critical thinking to realize that the rhetorical power of music doesn't always serve your escapism."

She continued, "Honored to have my audience. Proud they cultivate a space where emotion and action meet. Love doing what I do. And expect me to always tell the truth when I get up there. Show must go on."

Last weekend, during Halsey's show in Arizona, she told the crowd, "The truth is that my heart breaks looking out into this audience because I see so many people who deserve to have incredible lives, who deserve the right to healthcare that they need, who deserve the right to choose themselves in a situation where there is a choice. I'm hoping every single one of you, and I don't want you to ever have to be in a situation where you don't have access to that. If you don't like it, I don't know why you came to a Halsey concert, because I've never been shy that this is how I feel."

Halsey also shared with a Twitter user that she showed abortion statistics at her recent show.

She typed, "16,500 people came to my last show. I'm gonna be fine because my fans are on."

Halsey has been an advocate for women's reproductive rights for some time, but her recent tweets come after the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Kelly Clarkson Opens Up About Divorce

Kelly Clarkson has opened up about her divorce from former husband Brandon Blackstock.

During an appearance on The Global Chart Show with Brooke Reese, Kelly said that trying to figure out what to share with her fans about her separation is the "hardest thing to navigate."

She explained, "I've never had this difficult of a project. It's one of those things where I'm a human and I'm going through something huge. Obviously, everybody knows, like, a big, huge divorce I went through."

Kelly went on to say that writing is therapeutic for her.

She continued, "I mean I have to be completely honest. but that's a hard thing to navigate, right? Because it's in the public eye, and there's other people involved."

Kelly also said that her forthcoming album is "coming," adding that she just has to get her "crap" together.

Metallica Cancels Overseas Show Due To Covid

Metallica's performance at Frauenfeld Rocks festival in Switzerland on Wednesday night (June 29th) was canceled after a member of their camp tested positive for Covid. The band posted the news on their social media writing, "We are beyond sorry to disappoint those of you planning to attend this show. It was our intention to reschedule a show in Switzerland as soon as possible, however in overnight discussions with the local promoters, sadly it became apparent that schedules and venues do not line up for the remainder of this year or next . . ."

The band continued, "If you have a ticket and would still like to attend Out In The Green, you will receive a refund of 50 Swiss francs. Should you decide not to attend the festival altogether, you will be refunded the ticket price by the respective ticket agencies; you may request a refund for your ticket at Ticketmaster.ch."

At press time, Metallica was still scheduled to perform tonight (Friday, July 1st) in Werchter, Belgium at Rock Werchter at Festivalpark.

Pink Floyd Announces Reissue of "Animals" Album

Pink Floyd collectors have something to celebrate: the band has put aside their ongoing feud and finally announced the reissue of their album "Animals" on vinyl. The 2018 remix will arrive on September 16th after receiving its first-ever 5.1 Stereo Sound release. The five-track Orwellian-themed album will also be released on CD, Blu-ray, and SACD. The release date for the reissue was long delayed due to band members Roger Waters and David Gilmour bickering over liner notes that were intended to be released with the reissue–an inclusion which is not expected in the new release. "Animals" 2018 Remix is available to preorder now on the band's website. (https://bit.ly/3uenIO7)

Beck Regrets Missing Out on Parody of "Loser" by Weird Al

Beck is one of the most recent artists to join Audible's ‘Words + Music'- a series which combines memoir and performance for a deeper dive into artist's catalog and inspiration. During the session, Beck shared a memory in which Weird Al Yankovic asked him to parody his song "Loser", hoping to call the cover "Schmoozer". Beck remembered the moment, saying "I regret denying him permission to do it. I think it would have been an amazing video. I'm actually really sad it didn't happen." The request took place in 1996 - early on in Beck's career, when critics were calling him a "one-hit wonder" and "novelty act"; today, the rocker is an 8-time Grammy winner and rock legend. (https://bit.ly/3R2X4S7)

Canadian Radio Station Loops Rage Against the Machine after Firing of DJs

Rage Against the Machine's anthemic anger proved useful to some Canadian DJs - Vancouver-based Kiss Radio's morning show hosts, Sonia Sidhu and Kevin Lim were recently fired from their posts at the station after 5 years–a result of their higher-ups deciding to "change the format". Although the fired radio hosts posted gracious responses, their former colleagues did not take the news so well; they decided to loop Rage's famous song "Killing in the Name" on repeat for at least 16-hours, the only interruption being the airing of fans requesting the same song. In response to the demonstration, Lim said it was "One of the most powerful things anyone can hear is that they matter. Today, Sonia and I feel that and it means the world." (https://bit.ly/3bFGVlo)

Frank Zappa's Estate Acquired by Universal Music Group

Universal Music Group announced today an agreement with The Zappa Trust–consisting of Frank Zappa's relatives Moon, Dweezil, Ahmet, and Diva Zappa– to acquire the estate of the rock legend, who died in 1993. The estate includes Zappa's recordings, the catalog of his songs, film archive and all contents of his vault (a storage facility that houses Zappa's life work.) To date, there have been 122 official Zappa releases, but these only scratch the surface of the expansive recordings in the vault. Zappa is known as a trailblazing musician, composer, guitarist and prominent activist. (https://bit.ly/3OBfhEq)

Mattel Reveals Bowie-Inspired Barbie Doll Based on "Life on Mars?"

Time for rock n' roll kids to get excited - the second release in Mattel's series of David Bowie Barbie dolls has made its premiere. Following the first release of their Ziggy Stardust-inspired doll, the toy manufacturer has come out with their "Life on Mars?" Barbie, inspired by the classic song of the Hunky Dory album. Barbie wears the same suit featured in the music video, "complete with a foil-printed pinstripe shirt, statement tie and platform shoes." Barbie is also rocking some blue eyeshadow and Bowie's classic red hair style. The limited-edition figure is on sale at Mattel's website for $59. (https://bit.ly/3R2Z9xp)

Megadeth's Dave Mustaine Calls Out 'Lazy' Bands

Megadeth's Dave Mustaine says bands who rely on pre-recorded tracks during their live performances are being "lazy." He recently told Kerrang! Radio, "I don't think there's anything wrong with using supplements for songs and other sounds and stuff like that if you can't play 'em live. If you can play it live and you're being f**king lazy and you're seeing whatever just happened a couple of days ago with one of those big bands, and the singer… the tape started and the drummer wasn't playing or something . . ." Mustaine is referencing a technical mishap by KISS drummer Eric Singer during the band's concert in Antwerp, Belgium earlier this month.

He added, "I've always done the background singing on the records until — maybe about 10 years ago, we started having another person come in and help supplement the vocals because it's just not my bag to be singing stuff that I'm not gonna sing live. I sing when I sing live on the records as much as I can."

Megadeth will take the stage at the Barcelona Rock Fest in Spain on Saturday (July 2nd).

Selena Gomez Compares Only Murders In The Building To Wizards Of Waverly Place

Selena Gomez recently compared when she played Alex Russo in Wizards of Waverly Place to her role as Mable in Only Murder in the Building.

While speaking with Entertainment Weekly's The Awardist podcast, Selena said, "I feel like Mabel is an older version of Alex in a way. I adored being on that show so much."

She continued, "We got really lucky. I still look back at that and laugh at certain things just because I thought it was so fun, and we tried."

Selena went on to say, "My reaction was honestly what I think my character would do because half the time I'm like, I don't get what you're trying to do, but it works. She's rubbed off on me a little bit. I love being quick, and I kind of steal Steve and Marty's jokes every now and then. She's fun."

The singer-actress added, "I signed my life away to Disney at a very young age. and I didn't know what I was doing. I was just running around on set and now I just feel like a sponge, and I soak up all the wisdom that I can."

Only Murders in the Building streams on Hulu.

Jason Derulo Debuts Video For 'Slidin' Featuring Kodak Black

Jason Derulo has dropped a new music video for "Slidin" that features Kodak Black.

It premiered on the interactive site, Decentraland. The immersive experience sees the virtual recreation of the real-life mansion that's featured in the new video. It also allows fans to virtually dance and hang out with Derulo.

Though a press release, he said that he's always looking for creative ways to interact with his fans and he's excited about this virtual experience.

As one of social media's biggest stars, Billboard refers to him as The Crown King of TikTok.


  • Jason Derulo has dropped a new music video for "Slidin" that features Kodak Black.
  • It premiered on the interactive virtual social platform, Decentraland.

Kiss is Adding 100 More Cities to their Farewell Tour

Kiss singer and bassist Gene Simmons announced that the band will add 100 more cities to their farewell tour, which will run for an unknown period of time. Simmons commented that "The crew is happy. Everybody's happy. So we've decided to add another 100 cities before we stop. I don't know how long that's gonna take." The initial date for the farewell tour was postponed due to COVID. "The End of the Road Tour" continues June 30 at France's Festival du Printemps de Perouges and currently runs through early October. (https://bit.ly/3udcjOu)

Metallica Releases New Live EP Featuring Beatles, Deep Purple Covers

A rare acoustic set of Metallica covers now has an official EP release. The performance, from a 2014 charity gig for MusicCares, features covers of songs from The Beatles, Deep Purple and Ozzy Osbourne. The EP is available on the band's website for under $10, and Metallica say that "all net proceeds from the sale of downloads of this show will be donated to the MusiCares MAP Fund." (https://bit.ly/3OA0sly)

Machine Gun Kelly Smashes Glass On Face And Gushes Blood At Restaurant

Machine Gun Kelly smashed a champagne glass against his face with such a force that it shattered, causing him to bleed profusely from his forehead. Photos showed blood streaming down his neck and all over the front of his shirt, while he held a bloody napkin.

This all happened in a restaurant full of people after he performed a sold-out concert at Madison Square Garden.

As the glass broke, the crowd screamed as Kelly yelled obscenities into a microphone… "I don't give a f**, bro. I don't give a s**t."

He followed up by singing his hit song, "My Ex's Best Friend."


  • Machine Gun Kelly smashed a champagne glass against his face with such a force that it shattered, causing him to bleed profusely from his forehead.
  • As the glass broke, the crowd screamed as Kelly yelled obscenities into a microphone…
  • He followed up by singing his hit song, "My Ex's Best Friend."

Alanis Morissette Honors Taylor Hawkins at Recent London Concert

Alanis Morissette paid homage to her former bandmate Taylor Hawkins on Tuesday night (June 28) during her performance at the O2 Arena in London. Hawkins was Morissette's drummer for her Jagged Little Pill tour in 1995, and played with her live band until 1997, when he joined the Foo Fighters. Morissette featured photos of Hawkins while she sang "Ironic", ending the performance with the text "In Memory of Taylor Hawkins". The Foo Fighters are also planning two upcoming tribute concerts to Hawkins in September, where Morissette is also scheduled to perform. (https://bit.ly/3NuT61E)

Ariana Grande's Stalker Arrested Again

Ariana Grande's return stalker has been arrested again. This time after breaking into her Montecito home on her 29th birthday earlier this week.

He went to jail last fall after showing up with a large hunting knife and screaming threats at her security. Following that incident, a judge issued a restraining order, which did not work.

On Sunday, (6-26) he traveled to Montecito and broke into her house. She was NOT home at the time, but the security alarm went off and cops showed up and arrested him.

He has been arraigned on charges of stalking, burglary, damaging power lines, violation of a court order, and obstruction. He pled not guilty and is currently in custody.


  • Ariana Grande's return stalker has been arrested again after breaking into her Montecito home on her 29th birthday.
  • She was not home.
  • He has been arraigned on charges of stalking, burglary, damaging power lines, violation of a court order, and obstruction.

Jimi Hendrix's 80th Birthday Celebrated with Release of New Book

A new, more comprehensive book on Jimi Hendrix will arrive in the US on November 15th, 2022. Titled "Jimi", this biography will serve as the "ultimate tribute to the greatest guitar player in rock n' roll history." "Jimi" will significantly expand on previous books, and is described by his sister, Janie Hendrix, as a "comprehensive visual celebration." The book will include a new introduction by his sister, never before published photos, and quotes by legendary musicians such as Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, and Dave Grohl. The book seeks to expand on Hendrix's lasting influence; the musician died at age 27 over 50 years ago. (https://bit.ly/3QRiyRP)

Kiss World Museum Opens in Las Vegas

The Kiss World Museum, which showcases 50 years of the classic rock band's memorabilia, recently opened in Las Vegas–right next door to the Kiss by Monster Mini Golf Course. Singer and Bassist Gene Simmons contributed "three tractor trailers full of stuff" from his personal collection, ranging from instruments to vinyl records to video games. As Kiss continues their farewell tour through 2023, the group feels it's time to share their private collection with their dedicated fans. The 15,000-square-foot museum is open now in the Masquerade Village at the Rio Hotel & Casino. (https://bit.ly/3a0byBl)

Lauv Reveals New Album Will Be More About Storytelling

Lauv wants to reconnect with his younger self with his next album and for him, that will include more storytelling. The entire album is a journey of Lauv getting back to his roots. That can be heard and seen in his new single and video for "Kids Are Born Stars." A song he says is about his 8th grade self.

In a recent interview, Lauv commented, "It's about getting back in touch with your inner child and I'm super excited."

The new album, All 4 Nothing will be out on August 5. The following week, he hits the road for a headlining North American tour.


  • Lauv wants to reconnect with his younger self with his next album and for him, that will include more storytelling.
  • The entire album is a journey of Lauv getting back to his roots.
  • All 4 Nothing will be out on August 5.

Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators Announce Virtual Reality Concert

Slash ft. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators' Live At Studios 60 livestream will be able to be viewed on the Soundscape VR platform. Fans can experience the debut of all 10 songs from Slash and the band's new Gibson Records LP 4 via Soundscape's Magic Mirror Musical Universe.

He said, "I'm really excited about this cool VR interpretation of our live performance at Studios 60. It's a new and immersive visual that gives it a great ‘in the room' feel."

Slash ft. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators have released the second single off 4 called "April Fool," along with the video.

Update: Blink-182's Travis Barker Was Hospitalized With Pancreatitis

The mystery has been revealed as to why Blink-182's Travis Barker is in the Hospital. TMZ now reports that he was admitted on Tuesday (6-28) while suffering from pancreatitis.

The story emerged when photos appeared of him on a stretcher with wife, Kourtney Kardashian at his side. He entered the hospital complaining of cramps. After being rushed in, he was later transported to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles for better care.

Symptoms include nausea, intense stomach pain and vomiting. Barker's current condition is unknown, but doctors believe the attack was triggered by a colonoscopy.


  • Blink-182's Travis Barker is in the suffering from pancreatitis.
  • He entered the hospital complaining of cramps.
  • Barker's current condition is unknown.

R. Kelly Sentenced To 30 Years In Prison For Sex Trafficking & Racketeering

R. Kelly has been sentenced to 30 years in prison after being convicted of sex trafficking and racketeering charges. According to TMZ, Kelly faced a maximum sentence of life in prison and federal prosecutors asked for a minimum of 25.

Judge Anna Donnelly told Kelly before the sentencing, "These victims were disposable to you. You left in your wake a trail of broken lives … you taught them that love is enslavement and violence and humiliation."

As the sentencing was read, Kelly, who wore black glasses and a khaki shirt, had no reaction.

A few women made victim impact statements before the sentence was rendered. A woman who identified as Angela, testified that she was sexually assaulted by Kelly when she was a teenager, calling him a "pied piper" who lured children with fame. She added, "With every addition of a new victim, you grew in wickedness. You used your fame and power to groom and coach underage boys and girls for your own sexual gratification."

Lizette Martinez, who was in the Surviving R. Kelly docu-series, said, "Robert, you destroyed so many people's lives."

Kelly, 55, was found guilty last September of all charges against him in Brooklyn federal court. They included racketeering based on sexual exploitation of children, kidnapping, forced labor, and violations of the Mann Act, which barred the transport of people across state lines for sex.

R. Kelly's attorneys are expected to appeal the sentencing, which also comes with a fine of $100,000.