Catmando & Giselle!

Give one of our precious Wet Nose Wednesday pets — one of the hundreds and dogs and cats at the Humane Educational Society— a forever home!



Just look at those fat kitty cheeks and tell us you don’t want to pinch them! This cool guy is Catmando, a 7-month-old tan tabby who just can’t wait to find his forever home. Catmando is super outgoing and loads of fun. He enjoys getting attention and doesn’t mind being held or petted. He also does well with other cats and would probably like some feline pals to wrestle and play with at his new home. And did we mention how absolutely stunning he is? Not only does he have those cheeks you could pinch for days, he has some very unique markings. Just come meet Catmando. You won’t be able to resist taking him home.


Giselle is an absolute dream. She’s a 2.5-year-old Terrier mix who loves people and loves to play. When you first meet her, you might notice her sad puppy-dog eyes, just begging you to take her home and love her. And it’s true, she would love to have a forever home. Giselle is always eager to meet new people and go for walks. She may pull and grab her leash in her excitement to get out of her kennel, but once you are out of the building, she walks like a lady. Giselle gets along with some other dogs but she can be a little choosy about her canine companions, so a meet and greet is required if you have other dogs at home. Come adopt this little lady today and she will fill your home with love.

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