Charlie and Willow!

It’s Wet Nose Wednesday! Check out our beautiful pets below and then meet them at the Humane Educational Society!


This adorable 2-year-old Retriever with the big, happy grin is Charlie. When Charlie is in his kennel, he’ll give you the sad puppy-dog eyes that will melt your heart. Once he’s out of the kennel, he’s Mr. Personality. He is equal parts affection and spunk. Charlie likes to nuzzle and cuddle you and to get back scratches in return. He also likes to run, play, and have a good time. He is an exuberant player with other dogs and is so much fun to watch. Charlie is cute inside and out, from his charming smile all the way down to his curly, swirly doggy tail. Come take Charlie home today and give him something to really smile about!


Our Wet Nose Wednesday cat is also gorgeous, both inside and out. Her name is Willow, and she’s a 2-year-old short-haired white kitty. The thing that will immediately draw you to her is her heterochromatic eyes – one is green and one is blue. She’s simply stunning to look at. And her personality is just as wonderful. Walk up to greet her and she’ll reach out with a little cat paw to ask for attention. She enjoys head rubs and lots of affection. She’s also a curious kitty who is full of wonder about the world around her. Willow is the kind of cat who is bound to steal someone’s heart soon, so come adopt her today!

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