Dallas and Chance!

Go visit one of today’s Wet Nose cuties at the Humane Educational Society! Don’t know if you can parent a dog or cat full-time? Why not try fostering? And you can always help out the thousands of animals HES helps each year by sending them a donation to help feed, shelter and care for abandoned animals.



This handsome and sweet blockhead is Dallas, our Wet Nose Wednesday pup. Dallas is a 3-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix with the big, sweet bully cheeks to prove it. They’re so cute that you just want to pinch them! Dallas loves being with people, going for walks (he may need a little leash training, but he’s getting better), and playing out in the yard with his toys. He’s always inquisitive and wants to sniff everything his puppy dog nose can get to. Dallas seems to get along pretty well with other dogs. He’s not super playful with them, but he seems to enjoy their company and might like a home with another pup to spend time with. If you’re looking for a handsome, smart, and loyal canine pal, you need to come meet Dallas today at the Humane Educational Society.


Our Wet Nose Wednesday kitty is one who has been with us for 6 long months, patiently waiting for his forever family to come get him. His name is Chance, and he’s a 1-year-old tan tabby who has lived half his life in the shelter. When he first came in, he was timid and shy. He liked to hide in his cubby. Recently he has gained some confidence and has learned that people can be fun. He’s learned that people give him treats and scratch his head, which he has decided is his favorite thing ever! Chance isn’t the kind of cat who wants to be picked up or carried around, but he does want to be loved. He also enjoys playing with kitty toys and gets along well with other cats. He would probably enjoy having some feline siblings at his new home. If you have some room in your heart and home for a kitty that needs a chance at happiness, come adopt Chance! He’s waiting for you at the Humane Educational Society.

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