Deck My Room

Dec My Room Chattanooga’s mission is to create personalized healing places for long-term pediatric patients at Children’s Hospital at Erlanger. Dec My Room customize a child’s room with colorful and comforting items such as comforters, blankets, toys, rugs, stuffed animals, and more that match the child’s favorite characters, colors, and themes.  ChattaCLUEga Scavenger Hunt is a fun-filled event for all ages that will take place in Downtown Chattanooga this October and proceeds will go towards Deck My Room. ChattaCLUEga is not your grandma’s scavenger hunt! Using a mobile app called Actionbound, participants will have two hours to do some serious sleuthing to decipher clues, puzzles, and complete fun activities along the way. This interactive, self-guided hunt will take players on an adventure through historic Downtown Chattanooga, the Riverfront, and the Northshore. As challenges are conquered and clues unraveled, participants will earn points, but don’t dilly-dally! Tasks are time-sensitive, and if participants dawdle, points won’t be awarded. The three top-scoring teams will receive prize baskets. Tickets will be required to access the hunt. To purchase tickets click here.

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