Denali and Millie!

Read about our precious pets below and then meet them at the Humane Educational Society! To sweeten the pot, The Humane Educational Society is providing discounted adoptions throughout the month of March on all dogs over 6 months old and 25 pounds, so why wait?!


Denali is an active and smart 11-month-old Shepherd pup. He’s so smart that he’s already learned several commands. And he’s such a ham that he loves showing off his talents to anyone and everyone (especially if that person has a treat)! Denali loves to romp and play. He’s very outgoing and playful with other dogs. He never meets a dog that he doesn’t want to be pals with, and he’s always giving them kisses. He is a bit enthusiastic when he plays, though, so he’s going to need a canine friend who can keep up and not be overwhelmed. Come say hello to Denali today at the Humane Educational Society and see how much fun this cute pup is for yourself.


Maggie is a super sweet 11-year-old senior. She has hyperthyroidism, which is a medical condition VERY easily managed with inexpensive medication. Just because she’s a senior doesn’t mean she doesn’t need or deserve a loving forever home. Just the opposite, in fact. Maggie is extremely affectionate and just wants to be petted and loved. She’s the kind of kitty who will shower you will love and fill your heart with happiness in return. All you have to do is walk up to her kennel and she’ll rub against the door for you to pet her. It only takes a second to see her wonderful personality shine through and fall head over heels in love. Come meet this sweet senior today at the Humane Educational Society.

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