Edie and Melanie!

Want the best Valentine’s Day gift? Then go to the Humane Educational Society and pick out a precious pet who will love you unconditionally! How about Edie or Melanie??!!


This week’s Wet Nose Wednesday kitty wanted to get dressed up for her close up! And, boy, does she look fabulous! Edie is a 2.5-year-old tortoiseshell and she’s also a bit of a diva. She likes to be the center of your world and soak up as much attention as possible. She enjoys being cuddled and snuggled. Of course, that means that she wants her people all to herself and doesn’t really like having other cats around. Edie will probably need a forever home where she can be your one and only feline love. But she’s got so much love to give, all you’ll need is her! Come meet this beauty queen today at the Humane Educational Society.


Melanie is a 1-year-old Basenji mix who can’t wait to find her forever home. This girl is all spunk and smiles. When you first meet her you may think she’s a bit of a wild child because she’ll be so excited to see you. Just get her out and take her for a walk or some play time in the yard and you’ll see how friendly and loving she is. She enjoys running, playing, and having a good time. But at the end of the day, she’s ready for some quality snuggle time. Melanie loves to play with all kinds of toys. She’s also playful with other dogs, though her energy level might intimidate some less confident pups. We definitely recommend a meet-and-greet if you have other canine pals at home. If you want to see this girl’s sweet smile in person, come check her out at the Humane Educational Society!

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