Ellie May and Mr. Lucky!

Do you have room in your heart and home for one of these two precious pets? Read about them here and then go meet them today at the Humane Educational Society!

Ellie May

This week’s Wet Nose Wednesday pup is a very special, sweet girl named Ellie May. She has been at the shelter for many months now and is still looking for her forever home. Ellie May is a gentle, timid 2.5-year-old black lab mix who really loves people and most other dogs. She doesn’t show her best personality at the kennel because she is so meek. That’s why the Barkmore Pet Hotel and Day Care has chosen her to spend some time as a “foster” dog there so that she can relax and people can see just how wonderful she is. According to the staff there, Ellie May has chilled out and has learned to enjoy sleeping on her own doggy bed. She enjoys being petted and getting ear scratches every morning. She’s also having a blast playing with her new canine pals each day. If you would like to give a sweet, loving dog a chance at happiness, please visit Ellie May at the Barkmore or call the Humane Educational Society for more information.

Mr. Lucky

Our Wet Nose Wednesday feline is one cool cat. His name is Mr. Lucky, and he is a very sweet and loving bobtail guy who likes to be picked up and held. He is curious about everything around him and likes to check things out. Mr. Lucky has a gentle, mellow personality. He gets along well with other cats but does not like dogs at all. He needs to be adopted out to a home WITHOUT DOGS! Mr. Lucky would enjoy a cat playmate because he does have a sassy, playful side. Come meet this handsome fella today at the Humane Educational Society.

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