Ellie & Rizzo!

Read about these precious pets below and then go meet them at the Humane Educational Society!

This pretty girl with the huge doggy grin and adoring eyes is Ellie, our Wet Nose Wednesday pup. Ellie is just around 2 years old and has been waiting patiently at the shelter for her forever family for four months now. We just don’t know how people have been able to resist taking her home when she looks at them with those big brown eyes. Ellie is a fun-loving girl who wants to get out and seek adventure and excitement. She would love a family to take her for long walks, have some play time, and then curl up on the couch for some snuggles. She can be a little selective with her doggy playmates, so a meet-and-greet would be required if there are other household dogs. If Ellie sounds like a perfect fit for your family, come meet her today at the Humane Educational Society.

This week’s Wet Nose Wednesday cat is simply awesome. Rizzo is a 2-year-old medium-haired tabby who is so sweet and loving, you won’t be able to help but fall in love. If you open her kennel door to pet her, she will nuzzle her face into your hand and start purring like crazy. She absolutely adores being petted and even rolls on her back for belly rubs. She’s so soft and cuddly that just having her around will lift your spirits and make you want to smile. If you could use a little more love and happiness in your life, come adopt Rizzo today from the Humane Educational Society.


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