Fall is coming! Now What?


 Tim Holcomb

Yeah, I know it’s still August, but the thoughts of fall are rather exciting. Fall is a great time for a fall garden, landscape renovation and/or lawn over haul. The kids will be in school and weather will soon be wonderful, so plan now to use your opportunity wisely.

You’ve got questions and Holcombs has the answers!

                  Happy Gardening…
                 Tim Holcomb
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Fall is Coming! Think Lawn Refresh!
Holcomb Garden Center has been the area leader in the turf industry for many years. We know what works and what is a waste of time. Come to our Fall Lawn Class in Hixson and see what it will take to help you have the best looking lawn on the block. This class is free, but reservations are required.
Class will be Saturday, August 25th at 10 AM at Holcomb Garden Center in 
Hixson only.
Call to make reservations:
Hixson 423-877-8782
Need to add color to your landscape?
Think Azaleas
and Roses!

Bloom a thon azaleas

Holcomb‘s Bloom-a-thon Azaleas come in Red, Pink, White and Lavender, plus the bloom Spring, Summer, and Fall. Great selection now in stock!
Large Knockout Rose
Holcombs has a great selection of hardy shrub roses with several colors to choose from.
Yes, you can plant them now! Provide good soil, a layer of mulch, and water as needed.
It’s Myrtle Mania
at Holcombs!
Crape Myrtle
This is peak season for selecting a wonderful crape myrtle for your landscape. Decide haw tall you desire it to grow. If 10′ is ideal, do not plant a variety that grows 25′, it will never work and you will not be happy.
Tell the nursery experts the size and color you desire and they can show you the options to choose from.Expert Advise!
“Do Not 
Commit Crape Murder!”

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Happy Gardening,

Tim Holcomb

Holcomb Garden Center
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