Fall is slipping in and the plants are ready at Holcomb Garden Center!

It’s Fall Planting Time at Holcombs!

The nursery and greenhouses are full of beautiful mums, pansies, roses, tree, and shrubs. The weather is getting better each day, the plants are ready and Fall is the best season of all!

You’ve got questions and Holcombs has the answers!
                  Happy Gardening…
                 Tim Holcomb
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It’s Time for Step 4!
Fertilome New Lawn Starter is the best food for fall feeding of your lawn!
This is the only step containing phosphate for strong root development. This makes it a perfect food for sod or seed as well.
The Pansies
are here!
The Pansies
are here! 

Pansy Giant Mix

New genetics from plant breeders have given us beautiful pansies with giant blooms and small blooms. Colors from black to white, red to blue, and mixes to go with anything.
Our first fall shipment has just arrived!
Be sure to feed them with our Fertilome Bedding Plant Food for maximum blooms.

Great Selection at Holcombs Fort Oglethorpe & Hixson!
Chattanooga’s Best Lawn Seed-
Holcomb’s Southern Premier, Plus!
Sounthern Premier Blend
No other grass seed or seed-blend has the top rated fescues for our area and turf bluegrass. No other seed has 0% weed seed!
At Holcombs, we know you want a great looking lawn and you can’t get one by using cheap seed. Spend a little more and enjoy the difference.
More info…
This is a great time to remodel the landscape!
Does your landscape look tired or overgrown? Fall is a great time to renovate, remodel and spruce up your landscape. Take some pictures of your landscape and sketch out the dimensions to let our nursery professionals help you with a gorgeous design!
Time to
Plant Trees!
Maple Tree
Fall is the best time of the year to plant trees and Holcombs has a great selection.
Looking for beautiful fall foliage in a shade tree? Holcombs has some lovely maples.
Looking for spring color in a flowering tree? Holcombs has a good selection of dogwoods, redbuds and flowering cherries.
Looking for fruit trees? Yes, Holcombs has those as well.
Shop Holcombs for trees!


The number one decorating plant for fall is Mums and we’ve got Them!
Mums 1
Start your fall decorating with Holcomb’s Mums, fall grasses, and bright bales of straw.
Come choose mums in several sizes and colors.
Be sure to add some Flowering Cabbage and Kale to your displays as well.

Cabbage and Kale

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