Foster Care Friday!

Have you ever thought about fostering a child? Here are a few reasons why you should start considering it from local foster and adoptive parents Michelle and Dan!


Michelle and Dan became foster parents years ago. They adopted two children who are now adults. In October 2013, they began fostering with Chambliss Center for Children. Since fostering with Chambliss, they have had two placements which both turned into adoptions. They have also provided respite care on numerous occasions.


Children who enter the foster care system have experienced trauma. Some more severe than others. Michelle and Dan foster because they want to help these children who have had significant hurtful experiences develop resiliency and hope for their future.


“As a foster parent, if we are open and willing to change and learn and grow in regards to how we interact with and parent the children in our care, they WILL grow, blossom and become adults who are empathetic and positive contributing adults in our community.” – Michelle


Read more about Michelle and Dan and how foster parents can change the lives of children who have experienced trauma by visiting the Chambliss Center for Children blog at    For more information on fostering, call Chambliss Center for Children at 423-693-2580 or