Gavin and Marley!

Don’t have a Valentine’s gift yet? Gavin or Marley would definitely say, “I love you!” for years to come! Read about them  below and then meet them at The Humane Educational Society!


Gavin is a 3-year-old, American pit bull terrier mix. You might look at his big head and serious expression and thing he’s one tough dude. But this guy is a timid, gentle giant. Gavin is a bit anxious and jumpy in new situations, but he looks to his humans for comfort and assurance that all is well. Gavin is quite well-mannered and walks nicely on leash. This big baby dog will be a faithful friend to his owner. So if you’re looking for true love this Valentine’s Day, come meet Gavin. We’re sure he’ll win your heart.


This gorgeous 3.5-year-old tuxedo cat is Marley. Marley is an inquisitive man of adventure, checking out every new and exciting thing he can find. Marley is also an outgoing and charming ladies’ man. He loves meeting new people and drawing them all in with his mesmerizing green eyes. Marley is cool with other kitties, playing coy and pretending he’s too busy to be interested in them. So this Valentine’s Day, if you’re looking for a new love who will bring some excitement and fun into your life, Marley is your man.

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