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“Look Herb, I think I see Spring!

Yes, yes! Spring is coming! Have no fear, Holcombs is ready and we know you are to. Check out the tips and specials that are in-stock now and ready to plant in your garden!

You’ve got questions and Holcombs has the answers! 

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Holcombs makes plant selection easy with our very own
“Plant Search”
Holcomb Garden Center has just gone live with our all new Plant Search tool. Try it out by clicking on the link below.
You can search for information about a particular plant or search for plants that will work in your garden.
Example: In
“Advance Search”
you can search for a perennial that grows in the shade and is deer resistant or a tree that will provide shade and spring flowers or a shrub for full sun that only grows three feet tall.
Give it a test drive now!
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Crabgrass Preventer plus Lawn Food  is the best food for early spring green up and the best product to stop weed seed and crabgrass seed from sprouting in your lawn. Apply Step 1

within the next couple of weeks, rain or shine.
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Lawn Fall

Holcomb‘s Home Grown Perennials!
Perennials on bench
At Holcombs, we know there are hundreds of new varieties of perennials that come out every year! The problem is, they are in very limited availability. In order for us to offer you some of the newest and neatest perennials around we grow them in house just for you.
Clematis, Coral Bells, Daylilies, hostas and many, many more are waiting for you in our greenhouses. Our Greenhouse managers have selected to grow thier favorites that are sure to perform well in your garden. Come check them out today! 
Time to Plant Fruit Trees!
Add to or start your own orchard. Holcombs has just received a shipment of apple trees, peach trees, plum trees, cherry trees, and pecan trees. Blue berry bushes are starting to come in to round out your fruit selection.
Plant these beauties now and weather permitting, you may have fruit this year. Every year you put off planting fruit trees is another year of fresh, home grown produce missed. Plant your today!
Fruit & Berry info
Let the Vegetable Gardening Begin!
veggie garden
As soon as your soil is dry enough, you can begin planting!
Holcombs has a great supply of potatoes, onions, peas, cabbage, broccolli, cauliflower, lettuce, and many other cool season plants in stock!
For the gourmet gardener, we have just recieved our first shipment of fresh spring herbs!

Planting Chart


Plant a
Living Screen!

Emerald Green Arborvitae!

Holcombs is now receiving shipments from Oregon!
If you are looking for a screen plant that is evergreen and grows from 10′ -12′ tall, we have what you need. This shipment from Oregon had some of the finest Emerald Green Arborvitaes we’ve had in a while.Hurry for best selection!

Size and selection varies per location. Shop now for best deals…

Our goal with these emails is to provide you with great lawn and garden information, helpful gardening tips, and timely how to’s. If you have any suggestions for topics and/or garden gossip, just let me know.
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