Gunther and Mason!

Make one of these precious pets yours! Go to The Humane Educational Society today to meet them!


Gunther is pretty terrific, although at 8.5 years old and a senior citizen in the kitty world, he can sometimes be a bit stubborn when he doesn’t want to do something. He’s super people friendly and most of the time he doesn’t mind being cuddled. He has this super cute way of sticking his tongue out when he’s being petted that is just endearing. He seems to do well around other cats. And did we mention just how gorgeous he is? Come see him for yourself at the Humane Educational Society.


This big guy is super sweet and can’t wait to find his forever home. Mason is a 5-year-old Lab mix. He’s a wee bit shy in the kennel, but once you get him out and walk him, he’s ready to be your best friend. Mason especially loves having his rear end and back scratched. He’ll stretch out and kick up a back leg in joy when you get just the right spot. Mason walks well on leash and is a well-mannered boy. He’s also friendly with most other dogs. If you would like a mellow, relaxed canine pal, look no further than this handsome hunk of love.