Ham and Molly!

Looking for a loving, mellow companion? Ham and Molly would be the perfect fit. Read about them below and then meet them at The Humane Educational Society!


This handsome 9-year-old hound is Ham.  Ham is a very easy dog, so he’d be perfect for just about any home.  He has great leash manners, is quick to learn, and is eager to please.  Ham prefers to cuddle over play and even enjoys the company of other dogs.  If you have a heart for seniors and a spot on your couch, Ham is your guy.


Molly is another awesome senior.  This sweet 11-year-old tabby has green eyes so stunning they could light up a dark room!  Molly doesn’t mind other well-mannered cats.  If her kitty pals get on her nerves, she just gives a hiss.  The best thing about senior pets is that they don’t cause mischief and are great company.  Molly is a chill girl who just wants to relax in her forever home with her family.

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