How about a beautiful Duchess or a valiant Gideon?

Each of these two look like they would make wonderful family pets — and get along with anyone human or otherwise in your home. Read about Duchess and Gideon below and then meet them at the Humane Educational Society! We just can’t stop smiling at the sweet, inquisitive expression of Gideon. And Duchess just looks so cuddly.


This week’s Wet Nose Wednesday is kitty royalty. Her name is Duchess, and she’s a 1.5-year-old long-haired Calico. Duchess is outgoing, affectionate, and she just loves being around people. She gets along well with other cats as long as they stay out of her personal space and show the proper respect due to a cat of her regal status. And did we mention that Duchess is absolutely gorgeous? Well, she is. You need to come meet this sweet feline and admire her for yourself. She will be holding court and greeting her admirers at the Humane Educational Society.



Our Wet Nose Wednesday canine is one who will make a great family pet. Gideon is a 5-year-old Bulldog/Boxer mix with a charming, sweet personality that is sure to make you fall head over heels in love. Gideon is great with children and loves to play. He enjoys romping around the play yard with other playful dogs and would probably like having a four-legged sibling to wrestle around with. Gideon is also quite the gentleman and has wonderful manners. We hear he is even housebroken (although you do have to give him time to adjust to his new home). If you are looking for a family pet to have fun in the sun with this summer, you definitely need to come adopt this guy. He’ll be waiting for you at the Humane Educational Society.


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