Hugh and Minsky

Looking for a loving pet? Look no further than the Humane Educational Society! HES is at capacity with animals — with Hugh and Minsky being just two of the wonderful animals looking for a loving home. Read about them below and then go meet them at HES. Don’t forget you can foster, too, or make a donation if you are not able to adopt.

This cutie with the big ears and serious face is Hugh, our Wet Nose Wednesday pup. As you can see from his photo, he loves playing in the puppy pool at the shelter. If you like to be outside, go for walks, and maybe do some swimming, Hugh will make a great companion for you. Since he’s only 9 months old, he still has some things to learn (like basic manners and commands) and still has the enthusiasm and playfulness of a pup. He’s pretty easy to train, though. Just give him some treats and he’ll be all ears (pun intended)! He also enjoys playing with other dogs, so he will probably enjoy a home with a doggy pal to romp with. Come meet our handsome Hugh today at the Humane Educational Society.


Speaking of animals who look serious, our Wet Nose Wednesday kitty is Minsky, a very stern-looking 2-year-old tan tabby. Minsky can seem a little shy at first meeting, but just give her a chance to show you her true self. If you pet her, she will knead her little paws and make biscuits until you stop. She also has the cutest little walk, doing a little tap dance with her kitty paws. You can get Minsky to be your best bud by plying her with treats. Minsky also does well with other cats and would most likely like having one or two (or maybe even more) feline friends at her new home to snuggle up with. This special girl needs a loving home, so come take her home today.

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