I am without my cellphone

I dropped my cellphone in water last night (alright, full disclosure – I dropped it in the toilet while I was cleaning the bathroom sink!).  This has been a real eye-opener; I am completely lost without my cellphone.. I can’t call my son, I can’t check email or Twitter, and I’m not able to take a look at the traffic cameras for any highway problems on my way in to the office this morning. Yes, I am completely attached to that little square thing I hold in my hand or slide into my back pocket. How about you? Have you ever forgotten your cellphone back at the house, and actually turned around and went back to get it?! Me too. I used to think life was probably so much simpler before I even HAD a cellphone. But now that I DON’T have one, I see how attached I really am. So I will stand in line at the cellphone store after work tonight, along with many others who may have been cleaning the bathroom sink and heard that little “plunk”! Patti Sanders    @PattiSanders923    psanders@wdefradio.com

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