I Love Riverbend..Patti

I have had such a great time at Riverbend this year. I always do, but for some reason it’s been especially nice this week. I love to “people watch” during Riverbend, don’t you?  “I love her blouse, I love his boots, I want a corndog like she’s eating”. People seem to have a good time down on the waterfront, and I think it shows.. Lots of smiles, everybody just hangin’ out and digging the music.. And the food – the BEST funnel cakes can be found at Riverbend. Ah, fresh lemonade, too.. Weather is always unpredictable, so rain can’t ever be ruled out. But actually I actually find myself HOPING for a brief shower or two, just to cool me down! And then there is the music… Lots of stages, lots of bands for every musical taste. I imagine the music committee works all year round to line up so many different groups and genres, and I appreciate their hard work. See you at Riverbend! Patti Sanders   @PattiSanders923  and psanders@wdefradio.com

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