I LOVE watching the Olympics.

It’s something my family and I really look forward to doing together… watching the Olympics. Sure it’s only every 2 years, but we love both Summer Olympics and the Winter Olympics.. MY favorite? It would have to be gymnastics.. those young people can make their bodies go in directions that MY body could never even consider! And the U.S.A. really has THE best Olympics gymnastics team, in my opinion.  Swimming is another of my favorite Summer Olympics sports. My niece and nephews are on swim teams, so we keep hoping that maybe one day THEY might be good enough to compete – what a dream come true that would be!  I saw Table Tennis the other night, and I didn’t even know it was an Olympic sport. Archery and rowing really require lots of skill, too. Enjoy watching the Olympics these next few weeks, and let me know YOUR favorite sport… Psanders@wdefradio.com    @PattiSanders923

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