It’s Fall, so…Mums, Grass Seed and Step 4 at Holcomb Garden Center!

It’s Fall! It’s Fall! Did I say It’s Fall!

Mums! Fresh Grass Seed! Step 4!

Holcombs is ready for fall planting. Nobody sells grass seed as good as Holcomb Southern Premier Blend, that is why sod farms use our seed. Our first mums have arrived and -WOW! Apply Step 4 in September!
Come see all the new trees, shrubs, roses, and perennials that have just come in! It’s Fall-Plant Something!
You’ve got questions and Holcombs has the answers!
                  Happy Gardening…
                 Tim Holcomb
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Fresh, Fall
Grass Seed has Arrived!
Sounthern Premier Blend
Holcomb Garden Center continues to offer you the best seed blend for our area! Our
Southern Premier Blend contains three of the top performing turf-type fescues and 5% Bluegrass for a sod like lawn.
A premium seed and a great value. Our blend has over 3 million more seed in a 50# bag than all other fescue blends!
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Holcombs offers you a taste of fall with Pansies & Mums!
Mums Fall
School has started, so it’s time to parade out the mums and pansies! Holcombs has some of the nations best growers providing you with large, robust mums and perky, pretty pansies!

Holcombs gets our pansies from some of the nations top pansy growers. From Giant Bloom varieties to the abundant blooming Violas, Holcombs has you covered!

Time for
Step 4!

New Lawn Starter
Now is the time to feed your lawn if you are sowing grass seed or not. This slow release formula encourages wonderful root growth for heat stressed lawns and newly seeded or sodded lawns.
With Step 4, cooler weather and fall showers, you will see a lovely green up of your lawn. And Yes, you can sow seed the same day. 

Fall Gardening…
Yes, You Can!
veggie garden

Think gardening is just a spring thing? Think again!
Fall gardening is very rewarding with a different palette of plants.
Grow broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, lettuce, turnips, Brussels sprouts, collards, and kale!


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Need grass for under trees?
Shady Lawn
Holcomb’s Exclusive
Deep Shade Mix Grass Seed! 
No other blend of grasses perform as well under trees as our Deep Shade Mix! This blend of drought tolerant turf-fescue, hard fescue and chewing fescues create the best shade turf seed available and only at Holcombs!

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Lawn Clean-up!
 Has your lawn become the “Garden of Weedin”?

Now is the time to eliminate the many broadleaf weeds that have tried to take over some lawns.
Use Fertilome Weed-Free Zone and three weeks later you can sow fresh seed.Weed Free Zone

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