It’s Fall

It’s Fall!
Time to Plant, Prune, & Plan! 

I must confess, Fall is my favorite time of the year! I’m loving this fleeting time of near perfect weather and some of the most glorious colors of the year! Take advantage of this fall by planting, pruning, and planning your landscape renovations.

You’ve got questions and Holcombs has the answers!

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Pansies bring a smile to your face when you look out on a cold winter day and they are blooming away! 

Pansy Giant Mix

New genetics from plant breeders have given us beautiful pansies with giant blooms and small blooms. Colors from black to white, red to blue, and mixes to go with anything.
Another staple of fall in the presence of large mums in displays and doorways!
Be sure to include some of the lovely flowering cabbage and kale.
Mums Fall

Great Selection at Holcombs Fort Oglethorpe & Hixson!
Plant Bulbs Now!
Hidden Treasure Tips!

I know, every spring when the tulips and daffodils proclaim that spring has arrived, you are wishing you had planted your bulbs in the fall. Well, now is the time! Holcombs has a great selection of spring flowering bulbs that will brighten your spring beds and containers.
Create your own Hidden Treasures by planting bulbs beneath your pansies this fall. You will enjoy the amazing color of pansies all winter and then next spring the bulbs will come bursting forth and double your pleasure! 

Add some bulbs this fall and see the difference!

Time for
Step 5!
Winterizer new
Fertilome Winterizer is the best food for fall feeding of your lawn, trees, shrubs, roses, and perennials!
Winterizer contains higher levels of potash, which serves as an anti-freeze for plants by helping build up more sugars in the plants..

Lawn Fall

Best Time to Plant Grass Seed!
Sounthern Premier Blend
No other grass seed or seed-blend has the top rated fescues for our area and bluegrass. No other seed has 0% weed seed!
At Holcombs, we know you want a great looking lawn and you can’t get one by using cheap seed. Spend a little more and enjoy the difference.

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Shady Lawn

Remodel your Landscape!
Landscape focal point
Fall is the best time of year to plant new trees and shrubs in your landscape. You your lawn has an empty space crying our for color or definition, now is the time to plant. Choose from Holcombs trees, shrubs, roses, azaleas, perennial, and/or winter pansies to brighten your gardenfor now and next year!
Check out our plant search tool to find a plant that works for your landscape.
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Landscape screen
“Bulbs In The Bottom”
only $12.99
Bulbs in the Bottom
It just doesn’t get any easier than this!
Holcombs offers the “Bulbs In The Bottom” planters.
These plant-able pots melt away into the soil over time in a earth friendly way.
While you can see the lovely Pansies that fill each pot, what you do not see are the landscape size bulbs in the bottom of the pot. These bulbs sit patiently all winter and then spring forth up through the pansies creating an explosion of color next spring.
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Only $12.99 ea.
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