It’s “Random Act of Luther” Day!

Luther would have been 95 today. To celebrate his life and all of the amazing things he did for Chattanooga, we hope you will be on the giving end of a “Random Act of Luther”! We heard some great suggestions from listeners this morning on how they plan to celebrate: letting people on the road who would otherwise be blocked by traffic, taking the time to find out how to help a neighbor, waving at random strangers, signing up for to help Hamilton County school children in need. Did you know that over 800 are homeless and that they could use things as basic as underwear for $8.99? We love the motto, which means finding your purpose through generosity. May you do that every day and especially today, as we celebrate Luther Masingill!

And if your life was touched by Luther, you need to read this, by James. Have a wonderful day!

James and Marta