Summer Lawn Care Tips

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This summer we are above average in rain fall. Along with the extra rain fall has come a bumper crop of weeds. Now is the time to get the weeds under control in time to sow seed this fall. Follow these tips to be well on your way to keeping a great lawn.
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Do it the right way…
Lawn Sprinkler
 Watering the lawn or watering the flowers and vegetables, a few simple rules make everything better.
1. Water as needed. We have had frequent showers this summer with some being heavy. Too much water can cause root rot, so water only as needed.
2. Water in the mornings to lessen the possibility of fungus problems.
3. Water deep. A light sprinkle will rarely wet the roots, so when you do water soak the soil.
4. Watering trees and shrubs should be a good soaking once or twice a week, rather than a light sprinkle everyday.
What is this Bright Green clump of grass in my yard?


If you see these clumps of lime green grass like weeds in your lawn, you are most likely dealing with Nut Sedge. Nut Sedge isn’t a grass or a broad-leaf weed. It is a sedge and requires a special product to control it in the lawn.
Holcombs has the HiYield Nut Sedge Control and one pack will cover about 800 sq. ft. of nut sedge. Using any other product is just practice time. Use the right product and get the desired results.
Nutsedge Control
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Control lawn weeds now to be ready for fall seeding in September!!!
Weed Free Zone

Seems like the weeds thrive in hot dry weather and the lawn struggles. Now is the best time to eliminate the weeds in your lawn so you will be ready to sow grass seed in September. Fertilome Weed Free Zone needs to be sprayed in the mornings or evenings when the temperature is below 85 degrees. By spraying now, you can safely sow seed in three weeks. Spray when there will be no rain or watering for at least 4 hours. 


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