Kallee 24923
Kallee is a very pretty Tortoiseshell tabby, also known as a Torbie. She has some unique markings that add to her beauty. Kallee is a bit on the reserved side at times, but she still likes to get plenty of attention. She enjoys being petted and chilling with her feline friends. She’s 3 years old, a perfect age for a cat. Right now Kallee is with her friends at the Naughty Cat Cafe. Call them at (423) 541-4316 to make your appointment to meet her.
Lightning McQueen 24753
Lightning McQueen is perfectly named! He has a charming personality and can run zoomies as fast as lightning! He’s just under a year old, which means he is still very much a puppy. He loves to get out for walks and some time in the play yard with his canine pals. Lightning McQueen is still learning his manners, but just a bit of training will go a long way towards making him the perfect pet. Call us today to set up your appointment to meet him.
Lightning Mcqueen
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