Jolene and Odyssey anyone?

It’s Wet Nose Wednesday…time to find great homes for the loving animals at the Humane Educational Society. Here are two precious pets that need a home. Let one of them rescue you today!


This week’s Wet Nose Wednesday kitty has been with us for about half her life and is ready for her forever home. This pretty girl is Jolene, and she is a 1-year-old gray tabby with lots of love to give. Jolene can be a bit of a playful nibbler and a little feisty, which sometimes makes people think she is being mean. If you just give her a chance and spend some time with her, you will see that she is really super cuddly and loving. She just likes to do it on her own terms. She has lived with other cats and seems to get along just fine as long as they give her the proper kitty respect. Jolene just needs a little love and patience. In return she will give you unconditional love and companionship. What more could you ask for? Come meet this beautiful girl at the Humane Educational Society.


Odyssey is our Wet Nose Wednesday canine this week, and boy is she beautiful! Who could resist such gorgeous eyes? Odyssey was rescued from a puppy mill situation and is now looking for a loving place to call home. This sweet girl adores people and will snuggle, give kisses, and wrap her little paws around you to give you hugs. It’s enough to melt your heart. She likes to be the center of attention and would probably do best in a home where she can be the only pup. After having a rough start in life, she is ready to be spoiled and treated like the princess she was meant to be. Come adopt Odyssey from the Humane Educational Society today!

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